Tuesday, October 19

UK orders military to prepare to drive gasoline trucks

The British Government has ordered the Army tanker drivers to prepare to intervene if the crisis caused by the shortage of gas stations requires it.

Boris Johnson delays customs controls on EU products due to shortages and supply problems

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The military drivers – who will receive emergency training – will transport gasoline to service stations “where it is most needed and to give greater guarantees that the supply of fuel continues to be robust,” the Executive said in a statement.

The Minister of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Kwasi Kwarteng, has made the demand to the British Armed Forces hours after the Executive said that “for the moment” it was not expected to activate the military to alleviate the shortage of carriers available in the sector.

“If needed, the deployment of military personnel will give the supply chain additional capacity as a temporary measure to help alleviate pressures caused by localized spikes in demand for fuel,” Kwarteng said, according to the government note.

According to the newspaper “The Times“, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already issued the formal order to train 150 military personnel in the distribution of gasoline, 80 of which would already be ready to go into action before the end of this week.

The British Government has also approved an extension in the expiration of licenses for drivers of dangerous goods – authorized to transport gasoline – that extends until February 2022 the validity of the permits that expired between now and the end of the year.

Call for calm

Despite the fact that the authorities assure that the panic caused by the lack of fuel at the gas stations, which has generated long waiting lines, is already in the process of being remitted, calls are multiplying from different sectors, such as health or taxis, to that its personnel be authorized to be able to refuel emergency where it is needed.

The British Medical Association (MBA), which warned on Tuesday that its health workers “cannot afford” to spend hours waiting to fill their tanks and have asked the Government to guarantee access to workers considered essential.

The vice-president of the board of the BMA David Wrigley has indicated this Tuesday to the station Times Radio that sector workers “nervously get into the car today, looking at the gas meter and wondering if they will have enough to carry out their workday.” “We cannot be waiting two or three hours in a line to fill the tank when we have patients waiting, so we ask the Government to adopt measures today, to establish a plan and tell us what is happening,” he warned.

In their effort to calm things down, the authorities have the support of the oil companies, which this Monday once again sent a message of calm about the available reserves.

In a joint statement, companies such as BP, Shell and Esso have stated that, given that “now there are many cars that carry more gasoline than usual”, they foresee that “demand will return to normal levels in the coming days”, which It will “relieve the pressure” at gas stations.

“We encourage everyone to buy the fuel that they would normally buy”, without giving in to the panic that these days has caused long lines at numerous service stations, they added.


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