Wednesday, May 18

Ukraine closes cryptocurrency mining farm that stole power from state power plant | Bitcoin Portal

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) reported this Monday (17) that it has shut down an illegal cryptocurrency mining operation. According to the authorities, “vast amounts of electricity from a state-owned power plant were being stolen.”

In the statement, Ukrainian officials say the miner specifically jeopardized a rail transport operation.

More than 100 machines linked to cryptocurrency mining and communication devices were found with signs of illegal activity.

Authorities claim that the suspects used part of the earnings to buy coins from other countries and transferred them, but that a part was found in cryptocurrencies in wallets.

intense combat

The same Security Service announced in September last year that it closed the operation of a network of call centers that applied blows to foreigners by capturing money promising investments in cryptocurrencies.

The network operated in the city of Leópolis and criminals used IP addresses to contact customers. The coup hit thousands of foreign investors, officials said.

Victims transferred money to bank accounts and crypto wallets. This sum was then transferred to unregulated systems and then diverted.

Mining FIFA

In July last year, the SSU was the protagonist of a picturesque story. Authorities found what initially partnered to be a giant illegal cryptocurrency mining farm consisting of 3,800 PlayStation 4 Slim machines, as well as 500 GPUs, 50 processors, phones and flash drives.

The peculiarity of the case drew attention and, according to experts consulted by the report on the Ukrainian portal, the suspicion is that this was not a cryptocurrency mining farm, but a video game bot farm.