Friday, March 24

Ukraine denounces cyberattacks against the Ministry of Defense and two banks

Ukraine has denounced this Tuesday cyberattacks against the pages of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense and state banks, according to the Center for Information Security.

Ukraine denounces another cyberattack on an official website

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Over the past few hours, Privatbank has been under a massive DoS (denial of service) attack, and there are also failures in the State Savings Bank of Ukraine, or Oschadbank, but some services are still running, the statement said, adding that for now there are no risks for citizens’ funds.

The websites of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces have also been attacked -both websites are not currently accessible-, says the center in a message on its official Facebook account, which does not point out who is to blame for the attack, but suggests: “No It is ruled out that the attacker used small dirty tricks tactics because his aggressive plans are not working on a large scale.”

The Twitter account of the Ministry of Defense has confirmed the attack and ensures that it is working to restore access to it.

The scope of the attack is not yet clear. Ukraine’s government websites already suffered a massive cyberattack in January, amid heightened tensions with Russia that has massed more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border.

Kiev stated on that occasion that it saw “some signs” of involvement of hackers associated with Russia in the cyber attack, which affected the work of more than 70 government websites, including those of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.