Monday, May 23

Ukraine sinks the markets. Why?

The editors of They break down the keys of the day together with the experts and the most solvent sources in the sector. This episode features the Director of Digital Offering at Singular Bank, Victoria Torre. The impact of the Ukraine crisis on the markets is the focus of the analysis.

Transcript Summary

The crisis in Ukraine, as well as the uncertainty about the Fed, penalizes cyclical values, although the previous week they were the protagonists of several joys. Weren’t these two risks already discounted?

Telefónica rose strongly to 4.12 euros due to corporate movements in the sector led by Vodafone. How do you see the value and the sector?

Banco Santander, which started the year well, is not taking off. Do you expect good results? Do you think it is possible that it will have to increase capital if it ultimately buys the Citi subsidiary in Mexico? This operation has generated doubts among investors.

Siemens Gamesa has just presented another profit warning. There is even talk of a takeover bid by the parent company. How do you see value?

Among the tourist values, the star is IAG. But it has lost a lot of momentum and cannot handle the 2 euros, despite the fact that many restrictions are being lifted. How do you see value? It is also worrying that it will have to increase capital again. Do you think that this option is more possible than what the market discounts?

Another action that does not finish taking off is Pharmamar. One of the great hopes is Aplidin, but it could be that it was late in the fight against the virus. How do you see their prospects?

In Spain, the Ibercaja IPO has just been confirmed. The details of the prospectus are still missing, but in the market a valuation of a range between 1,000 and 1,500 million euros is calculated. Even the 2,000 million. Do you see it in price? Could there be more of a trend towards the top or bottom of this range given how the market and sector are doing? Will not be too many banks for the Spanish stock market?

To complicate matters, the results are leaving a lot to be desired, especially in technology stocks like Netflix and Peloton on Wall Street; but also in banks like Goldman Sachs. In Spain, we have just started. Do you think our listed companies will show more strength in their results?


  • Ukraine sinks the markets
  • Strong Telefónica, sector consolidation
  • Weakness in Banco Santander
  • Siemens Gamesa points to takeover bid
  • Will Pharmamar be late for Covid-19?
  • More banks listed
  • results season

episode credits

  • Director: Ismael Garcia Villarejo
  • Production: Jose Jimenez
  • Production: Covadonga Lacruz
  • Recorded in Madrid on January 24, 2022