Saturday, June 10

Ukraine uses software to identify deceased soldiers | Digital Trends Spanish

Ukraine would use facial recognition software to identify the bodies of Russian soldiers who have died on its territory, which would help contact relatives to inform them of the death of their loved one.

According to an agency report ReutersUkraine’s Defense Ministry this month began using Clearview AI technology, a system that finds images on the web that match faces in uploaded photos.

According to Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, his country used the software to find the social media accounts of deceased Russian soldiers. Once the profile is found, the authorities send a message to the relatives to coordinate the delivery of the body.

“As a courtesy to the mothers of those soldiers, we spread this information through social networks so that at least the families know that they have lost their children and can come and collect their bodies,” Fedorov said.

Although the government official preferred not to specify the number of soldiers identified through this technology, he did acknowledge that the percentage of people claimed by families has been high.

The use of this facial recognition system has also aroused several criticisms, especially from those who claim that several erroneous identifications could occur.

It should be remembered that the conflict in Ukraine began after the invasion of Russian military troops across the border shared by both nations. The war in that area has already lasted several weeks and has left tens of thousands dead on both sides.

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