Sunday, October 1

Ukrainian drone transports and launches Molotov cocktails | Digital Trends Spanish

The Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force needs resources, but short of that, ingenuity goes a long way in the war against Russia. For this reason, developers adapted a drone with four arms and a special grip to transport Molotov cocktails through the air and then launch them.

In photos revealed by Reuters, it is shown how the drone horizontally grabs a bottle of beer with which the explosive was built in the Chernihivske area of ​​​​Kiev.

In fact, the use of waste as alcohol containers has been a constant in the self-defense mission of the population against the Russians.

It is the city of Lviv, the Pravda brewery made available thousands of bottles for the almost 720,000 inhabitants of the border area with Poland, to resist.

For that, manuals for the construction of a Molotov cocktail were made and it was advised that the fabric was the most important, since it should be soaked in gasoline.

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