Wednesday, July 6

Ukrainians use electric bikes to shoot down Russian tanks | Digital Trends Spanish

The Armed Forces of Ukraine They use all the elements they have at hand to face the russian troops in the war between the two countries. And one of the latest ideas has been to use electric bikes to shoot down Russian tanks.

For that, the Ukrainian brand delfast They have given the army these bicycles that have a range of 320 kilometers and up to 80 kilometers per hour of speed.

Soldier on an ELEEK off to silently eliminate the occupier. desde ukraine

Their long-travel suspension and ability to haul heavy loads has made them particularly useful for navigating wooded trails or landing when trails don’t exist.

The bikes used by Ukrainian defenders have been modified to carry NLAW rockets, or Next Generation Light Anti-Armor Weapons, which are specially designed to allow a single operator to destroy an enemy tank.

The rockets are designed to be human-portable and carried by infantry, but the 28-pound (12.5 kg) weapon is much easier to transport over long distances when carried on the back of an electric bike.

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