Friday, August 12

Umbrella, fridge and days in line to premiere the ‘Motomami Tour’: “Rosalía is a lot of Rosalía”

Umbrellas, coolers, folding chairs, tupperware, fresh clothes and card games. It seems like a date with the beach in the middle of the desired summer, but it is the queue to see Rosalía in Almería. To witness the Motomami Tour, the first in the world, in the front row if possible. Because “it is worth spending hours in the heat and seeing it up close”. The one who says it is María del Mar, from Cartagena, fanning herself and sitting in a beach chair with the speaker at full volume reproducing, of course, a ‘playlist’ by Rosalía. “I’m made a ‘Motomami'”.

‘Motomami’, song by song and from dancing to crying

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María del Mar is close to the entrance, but she was not the first. A group of ten absolutely unconditional fans from Almeria were the fastest to arrive. They tell Andalucía that they are organizing themselves in shifts in pairs every four hours. They have spent two nights sleeping in tents. “This is like an excursion on the beach, but here,” jokes María, who has just arrived to take over.

The second group arrived a few hours later. It is made up of several young people, including Pablo, from Granada, who has expressly come to the concert. They have all made a pineapple and spend hours talking around a blue beach cooler filled with sodas and cold water to beat the heat and wait time. Among them is a woman from Toledo who is studying in the capital of Almería who has not hesitated to stay a little longer “until the day is over”. The group confesses that to eat they have (once) approached “the McDonalds next door… And that we also have ‘taper’ in the fridge”.

A tour of 16 countries

Everything to see and listen to Rosalía who opens a tour that will cover 16 countries and will pass through Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Canada, another fifteen dates in the United States and finally Portugal, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England and France. Without a doubt, a success that will make all eyes focus on the Andalusian city this Wednesday to see what surprises Rosalía’s new tour holds. Just after Almería, the artist will travel to other capitals of the Autonomous Community such as Seville, Granada and Malaga.

The queues began last Monday with the arrival of the first fans of the Catalan composer. A few hours before the show begins, the queue brings together more than a hundred people willing to endure 36º in the shade and enter the Fair’s Concert Hall, divided into two sectors. The first will be track A, located in the area closest to the stage where Rosalía will perform. Tickets for this area are already sold out. Behind it is track B, further away, cheaper and where the bulk of those who attend the concert will be located. The tickets released are General Pass and currently cost 73.50 euros.

The mayor, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco (PP), explains to Andalucía that “ambitious bets on culture are always winners” and that his intention is to “place Almería as a cultural benchmark among the cities in our environment ”. Likewise, he stresses that “the city of Almería will be the focus of world attraction with the start of one of the most anticipated tours”.

Marcos, from Jaén, and Adela, from Córdoba, attest to this, also under umbrellas to protect themselves from the scourge of the sun. “It has touched us on this piece of sidewalk without trees, but what are we going to do, leave, we are not going to leave”, they comment laughing. They are classmates at the University of Almería and seeing in The Voice of Almeria that there was already a queue “we didn’t doubt it, we wanted to come because this was going to blow up”.

The Rosalia Phenomenon

The Rosalía phenomenon is so powerful that even the Almeria capital Silvia has moved from Badajoz. She has planned her vacation from the hospital where she works to come with her friends to spend the summer in Vera and coincide with the Catalan concert. But she comes to the concert alone and is waiting in line and making friends with the group next door: “My friends have stayed at Vera because they are not such fans of Rosalía, but I didn’t miss this for the world”.

But this phenomenon is also noticeable in the economic figures. According to data provided by several Almeria hotel chains, hotels are registering an average increase in reservations of 25% for the opening concert of the tour. Antonio Aguilar, director of the Hotel Avenida de Almería, explains to this medium that “as soon as it was announced that he would perform here, the reservations came by themselves”. He admits that his hotel is already “practically full” for this week, and that the influx has increased by up to 25% due to the Rosalía concert. In other downtown hotels, the forecast has shot up 15% more for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. This is also the case of the Hotel Torreluz, located in the historic center of the city, where, according to its director, José Requena, they are waiting for last-minute reservations to increase even more with those “who have decided to hurry up the purchase of your inputs.

sources of the Association of Hoteliers of Almería They confess that the arrival of Rosalía “will be noticed” in the sector and that “attendance at the event will result in a greater influx to bars and restaurants before and after the concert”.

“My cousin bought two tickets because she is a crazy fan of Rosalía in the hope that someone would accompany her and I offered myself because Rosalía is a lot of Rosalía and she is going to be the milk of the concert”, confesses Gloria, who has made a one-way trip and back from Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia). “We have not taken a hotel for tonight because tomorrow I work at 9 in the morning in Murcia capital and I do not know if I will survive, but although I know that there are many kilometers, the great show with which he begins his world tour will be worth it”, he reflects .

Further back in the queue are Adriana, from Córdoba, and Salvador, from Cádiz, wearing a T-shirt of the singer. They both come from Granada because they study there. “There is no fear of heat, or anything like it. We believe that the wait will be worth it and seeing that there were already people queuing, we did not doubt it. So not so “badly“”, they confess, winking at one of the hits that they may hear tonight. Inés and Elena, who are from Murcia, also come from abroad; next to them, Víctor, from Barcelona. They met on Erasmus and the same musical taste has made them plan their vacations in Almería, making them coincide with Rosalía’s opening concert. They are queuing with a table, playing Uno and having a snack: “Basically, we have taken the things from the beach from the car and we have brought it here.”

What everyone is right about is the expectations that the concert is generating because Rosalía will surely give a show. At least, judging by what is moving with it: a hundred people from the technical team, ten musicians and dancers, eight trucks of materials to set up an impressive stage with a “unique” audiovisual display that has been installed since the past 27 June, three ‘sleeper’ trucks for the touring staff, more than 150 local staff involved, from loaders and drivers, through cooks, catering service for the concert, security, toilets… And an evening that is already bordering on poster of “sold out tickets” for a capacity of 12,000 people, according to sources from the City Council.

“On an adventure”

There is no shortage of fathers and mothers like Rosa, the mother of two teenagers who is, like all the other young people, waiting in line under the beach umbrella: “Anything is done for the children, even spending hours in the heat waiting at the door.” Another mother who accompanies her teenage daughter and who comes from Cartagena says that “it’s not like it’s a great effort because I also love Rosalía, so let’s go on an adventure.”

An adventure that has not been without criticism. “After the queues became known, we received negative comments saying that we wish we would put effort into looking for a job or studying” – explains María, from the first group who does not want to miss the opportunity to respond and say that “precisely as we study and work we We have coordinated to take turns and save the queue site.” Your organization and your patience will be rewarded tonight. See Rosalía up close, debut the Motomami Tour, be the first, and in the front row (if possible).