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UMIDIGI Bison Pro breaks the prices of the mid-range in Mexico | Digital Trends Spanish

The UMIDIGI Bison Pro is a bold phone for two factors: its price and the features it offers. To go deeper into this idea, we have been able to have the smartphone in the hands for a few days, so we also tell you everything we liked and where it could have improved.

The Chinese brand was born in 2012, but it was until November 2018 that it entered the Mexican market and other Latin American territories through online sales. In addition to cell phones, mainly distributed in the mid-range, it also manufactures smart watches.

“We jointly develop products with customers based on their feedback on the user experience of both hardware and software,” says UMIDIGI.

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UMIDIGI Bison Pro seeks to captivate

Best Features

The first thing that stands out about the mobile is its design rugged or extremely rugged, so you can’t expect a lightweight or compact unit. Its structure is covered by an advanced industrial rubber and an improved protection for fragile parts, according to its description. The promise is that you could be safe from a drop of up to 1.8 meters (MIL-STD-810G military certification).

It also includes IP68 and IP69K ratings; the first allows you to submerge up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes (the camera includes an underwater mode), while the other makes it resistant to high pressures of liquid and water at a high temperature (80 degrees Celsius).

On its right side, in a metal frame, the firm placed the volume buttons, the power button and a customizable one, which can be set up to three actions.

On the opposite side, also in a metal frame, the slot that houses the data card and extra storage, the fingerprint sensor to unlock the smartphone (good news for lefties) and another customizable button, which can also be set up to three actions.

The phone does not forget the charging port (USB-C) and the Jack 3.5 mm with the idea of ​​integrating wired headphones.

UMIDIGI made use of Sony with the purpose of configuring its triple main lens – commanded by a 48 megapixel sensor – and 24 megapixel front for the selfies.

It is striking that the rear camera module also includes, in addition to the dual flash, an infrared sensor that allows the temperature of both people and objects to be measured with good precision.


It is not impossible to take the Bison Pro as the mobile of “every day”, despite its robust design, however, it is a device that is more aimed at those who perform outdoor work or like extreme activities.

What about its performance and multimedia?

Like its design, the performance of the Bison Pro does not disappoint. It is true, it is not that it incorporates a high-end processor, however, the internal elements work together properly with the intention that the phone responds well to the tasks that are requested, from apps from games to productivity platforms.


Beneath its robust casing it houses the Helio G80 processor – the same one that can be found in smartphones like the Galaxy A32 and Vivo Y20G— and 8GB RAM (LPDDR4X). To store all kinds of content, such as photos and preferred applications, the company incorporated 128 GB of space.

Regarding its 5,000 mAh battery, people can be sure that it could even reach a performance of up to two days. What it does is that its fast charge is a duty, as it is 18 watts (this means that the equipment requires about 120 minutes of energy for the power source to go to 100 percent).

When you want to enjoy series and movies, the mobile has a 6.3-inch screen with Full HD + resolution (2,340 x 1,800 pixels). It is a size that is already more than proven by different manufacturers.

The colors in the display they are clear without being vivid, as long as there is a good level of contrast. Although there is no “ghost effect”, the action segments are not entirely fluid, not like those provided by cell phones with a high update rate (this is not indicated in the UMIDIGI piece).


The audio channel, a single channel on the back of the set – an interesting arrangement – is powerful, but can clutter when volume levels are at maximum.

User interface

By having Android 11, it is possible to find an intuitive cell phone in the Bison Pro. Its additional tools, located mainly in the Toolbox folder, do not feel out of place, much less annoying, especially because of “the nature” of it.

In addition to the thermometer, which uses the infrared sensor in the main camera module to function, other functionalities that stand out are the barometer, compass, noise meter and pedometer.

Already in the general configuration of the equipment, in addition to the traditional settings, it is possible to establish from the platforms that will be executed when the customizable physical buttons are pressed to the emergency contacts.

In what can improve

The Bison Pro strikes a good balance between its cost and the features it offers. In what perhaps could have been more discreet is in the buttons, since it suddenly feels saturated with elements at its edges.

In addition, the fingerprint sensor, which is not integrated into the physical power button, is difficult to locate (it gets lost with the frame) and does not respond as quickly.


Finally, it is surprising that it does not include a load as robust as its design is. The user would have appreciated having at least 30 watts on this phone.


The UMIDIGI Bison Pro is available on Amazon for about $ 300 dollars, but the interesting thing is that in Mexico it can be purchased up to a price of $ 206 dollars, that is, about 4,200 pesos. So, it represents a good opportunity for those looking for a smartphone super tough on the outside and efficient on the inside, without making it cost-effective.

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