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‘Un tema al día’, revelation podcast 2021, according to Amazon Music Spain

We are celebrating! A song Al día has been selected as one of the Revelation Podcast of 2021 by Amazon Music Spain. It is a recognition “to celebrate those new podcasts that had an exceptional performance within Amazon Music during this year,” according to Amazon Music Spain.

The recognition of Amazon Music Spain comes just three months after the launch of the podcast ‘Un tema Al Día’. Presented and directed by Juanlu Sanchez, co-founder and deputy director of, ‘Un tema Al Día’ has had a great reception among podcast listeners, placing first in the Daily News category on Apple Podcast and among the top 10 in the News and Politics category of Spotify, competing with long-standing and well-established radio programs.

‘Un tema Al Día’ is a pioneering podcast in Spain, a daily that combines information, narrative and analysis with its own recognizable personality. Designed to accompany the general informative offer with a pill of explanatory journalism that provides context to the news, it is a podcast that, in monothematic episodes of about 10 minutes, analyzes a current issue, both national and international, with different voices. The jump to the audio of in this podcast is made with the production of Izaskun Pérez Y Carmen Ibáñez, two journalists who have been working in this format for years, and are nourished by the participation, voices and ideas of the entire newsroom.

In addition to the journalistic value, the podcast delves into the complicity relationship between the editorial staff of and the community of readers who access its content and financially support the project through its partner system.

‘Un tema al Día’ is a free product and freely accessible on any audio platform. For its launch it has had a privileged community: the more than 90,000 subscribers to the morning newsletter ‘Al Día’, also prepared by Juanlu Sánchez. This is a unique case in Spain: there is no other means of communication that publishes a newsletter and a podcast of informative news every day under the same brand (‘Al Día’).

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