Tuesday, July 5

Uncorking champagne causes supersonic shock waves | Digital Trends Spanish

Surely they have never asked themselves the question at a party, or at a wedding or when they see the celebration of Formula 1that by uncorking champagne, these people are releasing supersonic shock waves.

The study published in Physics of Fluidsresearchers from France and India did computational fluid dynamics simulations, which revealed the formation, evolution, and dissipation of shock wave patterns as the carbon dioxide mixture shoots through the bottleneck in the first millisecond. after cork bursting.

One of the phenomena that happens is that the gas mixture is partially blocked by the cork, preventing the ejected champagne from reaching the speed of sound. But as cork release occurs, the gas mixture escapes at supersonic speed, balancing its pressure through a succession of normal and oblique shock waves.

“Our paper unravels the unexpected and beautiful flow patterns that lurk right under our noses every time a bottle of champagne is uncorked,” said co-author Gérard Liger-Belair, from the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne. «Who could have imagined the complex and aesthetic phenomena that hide behind such a common situation that any of us lives?».

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