Monday, August 15

Undocumented cryptocurrency project raises R$330 million and only

A project that had no documentation other than a Twitter page and a Discord raised about $330 million in one day and then the funds disappeared with the anonymous creator.

The project called AnubisDAO was a fork of OlympusDAO and collected this amount via the Copper Launch platform. In addition to the amount raised, the period of the coup also drew attention, it was carried out in a short period, just 24 hours.

For those who have been in the cryptomarket for over a year, the name Anubis also reminds one of a Brazilian project that caused a lot of inconvenience to its investors, especially after its sale to Atlas Quantum.

From Egypt

A project called AnubisDAO ($ANKH) managed to raise 13256.37 ETH, about 330 million reais, using only its Twitter, which contains few tweets, and a Discord to promote the sale of the token. Basically the project description was “bark, bark”.

The DeFi and dog coin fever seems to have reached its peak and this loss of millions of reais invested in an Egyptian-themed dog coin with pyramids in the background is just a reflection of the mentality of some of the market’s investors.

Twitter da AnubisDAO. Fonte: Twitter

Even before the end of the collection, the entire liquidity pool was removed, causing its price to go to zero. Although it took some investors some time to identify the problem, they finally understood that they had been duped and lost all their money.

Some Twitter users claim the theft was an attack and the anonymous creator or creators of the project are not responsible. Already the vast majority are considering it to have been a rug pull, that is, a coup by the team itself.

To make matters worse, people involved in the project had their accounts hacked, spreading a virus through emails. In addition, some users conducted a survey of their own on the life of an alleged party, who ended up deleting their Twitter feed.


This is a name known to Brazilians who have been in the market for some time. Two years ago, a project named Anubis Trade, which promised financial returns through a trading robot, also ended up causing headaches for many who trusted their money.

Later, Anubis Trade was sold to Atlas Quantum, another project that did not bring much happiness to its investors. This week the CVM asked for the conviction of Rodrigo Marques for bad faith, in a process involving the sum of 3 billion reais.

As always, it’s worth remembering that you should do your own research before investing in a project and never trust anyone else’s money.