Monday, August 8

Unemployment rate in Panama was reduced to 14.5%, at the end of June 2021

The unemployment rate went from 18.5% in September 2020 to 14.5% in June
this year, revealed the Labor Market Survey (EML) developed by the Institute
National Statistics and Census (Inec) of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, which
reflects the recovery of jobs resulting from the reactivation of the various activities
economic in the country.

The figures indicate that the unemployment rate fell for both sexes; for the
for men by 1.6 percentage points and for women by 6.7, so that the
male unemployment stood at 12.0% and female at 18.0%.

About unemployment by age groups, this affects mostly young people,
presenting for 2021 an unemployment rate of 28.9%, in the age group, 15 and 29
years. For 2020 this rate was 34.5%, doubling in both years the national rate of

While, the number of people who register a condition of informality, who lack
of the minimum levels of labor protection as are social security and the relationship
contractual, represents 49.9% of the employed persons in the country.

In relation to the employed population, at the national level, this was 1,655,122 people,
increasing by 23,431 employed persons compared to September 2020. This increase is
observed in both sexes (21,313 men and 2,118 women). It was recorded that there were 977,274
employed and 677,848 employed. Of the total number of people who declared to be employed, the
59.0% men and 41.0% women, which reflects, regardless of age, a
lower participation of employed women.