Monday, October 25

Unforgivable leftist bourgeois

Gay and PP charge can be, of course. Also black from Vox. And the wife of any of them. Although the PP has just abstained in two crucial European Parliament votes so that homophobia and sexist violence are crimes throughout Europe. And Vox has voted against and based its campaigns on racism. On the other hand, being a leader of the left being an anesthetist, with university studies, middle class, bourgeois! is what Ayuso blames Mónica García as unforgivable when he points his finger at her and cackles: “Left caviar, left caviar.” Jailed by her media clause that calls such an undemocratic and tacky intervention as “colossal review.”

The fact is not an anecdote. This same week when the deputy of Vox José María Sánchez called the socialist parliamentarian a “witch” Laura Berja in the session that approved the prohibition of harassment before abortion clinics, came up the times that the extreme right accuses of “hypocrites” and “left-wing caviar elites” to leftist politicians for being middle class.

Why does the extreme right, within the PP and split in Vox, hate the bourgeois left?

Let’s see, his words and trajectory prove a general aversion to the entire left. Not a healthy democratic discrepancy, but the hives of those who do not understand why they should waste time with arguments instead of imposing their interests based on their strength (economic, business, media, contacts, with a touch of military threats by WhatsApp and another sprinkle of neo-Nazi pups that they get out of hand by Chueca on the hunt for homosexuals and migrant children).

Low-class people, on the left or not, are crushed. They leave her without social services in order to lower taxes for the rich, they prevent her from any social advance by dint of not investing in public education, they harm her health by destroying the health of all. But they make the bourgeois left the target of their speeches (not only politicians, health workers, actors, university professors, writers …) for a double strategic reason:

On the one hand, because given that there is a left, they would prefer that it be formed only by the poor, without training and exhausted, more fragile in the face of abuse, without tools to resist. Working families know this weakness, which is why they insist to their children: “Child, study, to know how to defend yourself and have a better life than ours.”

On the other hand, because stigmatizing the middle class left is well suited to the disadvantaged layers that are supposed to see their supporters in them since they promote measures that benefit them, but towards which some harbor an undeniable and to a certain extent understandable “resentment ” of class. In a similar way to how, in the United States, unemployed, unskilled workers and even migrants assumed Trump’s anti-elite discourse in front of Hillary Clinton, here in Spain residents of marginalized neighborhoods such as the Three Thousand Homes of Seville dislike the pigtails or the Gafitas, as they disdainfully call Iglesias and Errejón, taking revenge for them to speak of their problems in Complutense language, even at the price of shooting themselves in the foot.

The rejection of the deepest people who defends them deserves a thought. Tomorrow, without going any further, he can play a key role in the German elections where it is hard to believe that after devastating floods caused by climate change, Greens are not hit by a barrage of votes with the argument of many victims of: “It is that I am not of those.”

The extreme right, harmful, but not idiotic knows and exploits the divide and you will win.

González and Cebrián’s “left caviar” doesn’t bother them

The radical right wing is unleashed (now they even harass Jiménez Losantos for being lukewarm!). But the radical right is not bothered by the “caviar left.” She delightedly shares the delicacies, apparently only worthy of her aristocratic or lined lips, with a Felipe González, a Juan Luis Cebrián who continue to claim left, although if they were, for decades they have torpedoed any attempt to correct the systemic imbalance in favor of the elites.

What bothers a lot here is that since 15M, Congress, regional parliaments and city councils look infinitely more like the social plurality that we are and that new politicians, many middle-class professionals, are fighting the copper in front of dense networks of interests so that no one misses their good plate of lentils.

The bourgeoisie carries a lot of bad press, but looking at welfare-hungry countries in Africa, Latin America or Asia reveals how the key is to raise taxes on the rich and broaden the middle class until, ideally, the low class disappears. Days ago, in this interview, the comedian Joaquín Reyes lucidly explained why he says he likes “to be bourgeois”: “It is a clumsy way of defending the middle class which is often seen as synonymous with leverage and loss of values. The middle class sustains the welfare state and has to do with prosperity, with a generation that was able to study in the college and improve the expectations of their parents. I wish there were more middle class. “

The appeal to the Democrats, also on the right, is that instead of anatemizing the political adversary, of trying to excommunicate Mónica García from the system because she lives in a middle-class neighborhood, ideas and projects to end precariousness should be discussed with her and that people can decide where and how to live. Even what to eat.