Sunday, September 19

Unicorns exist: Xpeng presents this magnificent robot | Digital Trends Spanish

Transport vehicles in the form of robots can do everything. The Chinese company Xpeng Robotics has presented its new creation, which is nothing more than a robotic unicorn. Yes, as it reads: a robot unicorn.

The unicorn has the official name of Little white dragon and it is mainly focused on being a vehicle for children. And for this, it has various obstacle detection systems, autonomous movement, as well as voice and face recognition.

The unicorn also has a screen – where the eyes of the mythological animal would go – that can display icons and images representative of various emotions.

The robot unicorn is a design still in the concept stage. Xpeng Robotics only announced that this product will exist in the future, but on the date of production or sale to the public there is nothing specific yet.

Welcome a new friend to our future mobility ecosystem! XPeng Robotics, an XPeng ecosystem company, introduce its first ridable robot unicorn, a combination of cutting-edge technologies: power modules, motion control, intelligent navigation, and human-bot interaction. #Robotics

& mdash; XPeng Motors (@XPengMotors) September 7, 2021

Taking into account that it is a product for children, it is possible that the robot has several security measures; From the start, its final speed should not be very high, and the balance system should be firm enough to avoid any fall when riding on it.

According to the video above, the unicorn should be able to maintain very basic communication with the user, using the included recognition systems. But in the same way, XPeng indicates that it is still a prototype and it is normal that between prototypes and final products there are changes of all kinds.

Xpeng already has experience in the autonomous motion systems market, having launched some models of electric vehicles that, for now, are only available in China and Norway. In particular, its P5 competes directly with the Tesla Model 3.

As for the future robot unicorn, it would be ideal and even poetic for it to exist in blue.

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