Tuesday, December 6

Unidas Podemos demands to immediately suspend the benefit of a former deputy that Damborenea receives, convicted by the GAL

Unidas Podemos is going to register this Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies a letter in which they demand that the economic benefit that he receives monthly as a former deputy Ricardo García Damborenea be suspended “immediately”. This has been reported by the party in a statement in which they state that he was involved in the GAL case and was also sentenced to seven years in prison for the kidnapping of Segundo Marey, although he was pardoned and did not serve his sentence.

Barrionuevo’s confession about the GAL forces the Government to distance itself from the dirty war against ETA

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Unidas Podemos describes as an “attack against the memory and dignity of the victims of terrorism” that Damborenea receives this monthly benefit, which amounts to 2,063.75 euros. In its letter, which has been signed by the deputies Pilar Garrido, Roberto Uriarte and Juantxo López de Uralde, the formation requests the tables of Congress and the Senate to suspend this benefit. The amount that he receives each month, expresses the party, was agreed by the Tables of both Chambers.

The confederal group has denounced the “impunity” regarding State crimes. Thus, they refer to the statements of the former Minister of the Interior, José Barrionuevo, in which, the formation assures, he “acknowledged and supported” the existence of this type of terrorism: “They are intolerable and unjustifiable because they also cause legal uncertainty and denigrate the victims”, they contribute.

At the end of the note, Unidas Podemos calls for a “democratic commitment” from the public powers so that there is “justice for all victims of terrorism.” Thus, they again request that the Official Secrets Law be reformed “to find out what happened in accordance with the principles of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition.”


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