Wednesday, July 6

Unión 78: Rosa Díez’s ‘ghost’ platform that organized the Columbus rally

Union 78 summoned thousands of people in the Plaza de Colón a week ago to a rally to protest the pardons that the Government is going to grant imminently to the inmates of the you process. The organization, made up of politicians who have passed through different parties, was launched a year ago, yet there is no trace of it in the registry of associations or foundations. The only data that exists is the purchase of the domain in January 2020 in the name of Rosa Díez, former leader of UPyD and spokesperson for the organization.

One month before the pandemic broke out in our country, in February 2020, Union 78 spokesmen held a press conference to present the platform. Along with Díez, the philosopher and writer Fernando Savater also participated in this meeting; the ex-leader of the Basque PP, María San Gil; former PSOE deputy Jesús Cuadrado; the delegate of the Government in Euskadi during the Executive of Mariano Rajoy, Carlos Urquijo and the researcher David Mejía. Taking advantage of the launch of the platform, they announced that they planned to hold a demonstration in Madrid in the following weeks. Obviously, the health emergency got in the way of their plans.

Finally, the great concentration promoted by Union 78 was held last Sunday. The mobilization had the support of the leaders of Ciudadanos, PP and Vox, who came separately to avoid the joint photo that took place two years ago in the same place. There is no consensus among the authorities on the number of attendees who attended the rally – 126,000, according to the local police and 25,000, for the National Police – but it is clear that on Sunday, June 13, the presence of supporters was less than in the 2019 protest, when the famous photo of Columbus was produced. On this occasion, the stage was reserved for members of the convening platform. Accompanying Díez and San Gil; There were supporters such as the writer Andrés Trapiello and the president of the Catalan youth organization S’ha acabat, Yeray Mellado.

Despite the fact that Unión 78 has been operating for more than a year, there is no trace of this platform in the registry of associations of the Ministry of the Interior or in the registry of foundations, managed by the Ministry of Justice. Nor has it registered as a political party. The only way to obtain information on its constitution is a modest web page that was created after its presentation: The domain of this portal was acquired in January 2020 and its owner is Rosa Díez, according to the data provided by the website

In this portal, the organization is presented as “a platform for non-institutional political activism, without electoral pretensions, neither in the short nor in the long term.” As detailed, their activity will be focused on participation in “public and specific demonstrations on those government policies that require it.” “And it will only exist during public action, not as a bureaucratic organization with positions, hierarchies,” they state.

Inspired by the Basta Ya initiative, which was promoted in the Basque Country in the 2000s to protest against terrorism, and with the year in which the Magna Carta was approved in our country in the name of the organization, its promoters are defined as “active constitutionalists”, who aspire “to the positive transformation of Spain through the responsible application of legality.”

The members of this organization assume with “grave concern” the “composition” of the coalition government, “which includes members of a party that has declared itself openly against the Constitution of 1978 and that relies on separatist or related political groups. to the very recent terrorism “, they assert in their founding manifesto. In the call that they released to make public the concentration on Sunday, they also charged against the Executive of Pedro Sánchez by indicating that the pardons to the prisoners of the you process “They have no other purpose than to retain the parliamentary majority to remain in La Moncloa at any cost.”

Among the names who have expressed their support for Unión 78 are professionals from different fields, such as the world of culture, among which are the film directors José Luis Garci and Iñaki Arteta; the actor, Albert Boadella and the writers Elvira Roca, Felix Ovejero, Andrés Trapiello and Féliz de Azúa. They have also obtained the support of some journalists, such as Mamen Gurruchaga, Carlos Herrera, Luis del Val, Ernesto Sáenz de Buruaga and Ángel Expósito. And politicians who have passed through different parties have also joined the platform, including the former socialist mayor of A Coruña, Francisco Vázquez, as well as UPyD representatives in different institutions: Carlos Martínez Gorriarán, Andrés Herzog, Francisco Sosa and Gorka Maneiro.

This newsroom has contacted Rosa Díez and the press team of the platform to ask them what legal entity the platform has, what financial resources they have and what they plan to organize after the concentration of Colón, without having received a response from the moment to any of the queries raised.