Monday, August 2

Unions threaten to “toughen” social dialogue if minimum wage is not raised this year

The UGT and CCOO have once again demanded the Government in concentrations throughout the country to raise the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI) and repeal the 2012 labor reform, because otherwise the mobilizations will continue and social dialogue will harden.

The committee of experts proposes an increase in the minimum wage of between 1.3% and 2% in 2021 in full debate in the Government

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“If we continue with this situation we are going to have to rethink hardening social dialogue,” warned the general secretary of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, during the concentration of union delegates in front of the Bank of Spain.

“The unions have demonstrated our responsibility in the negotiations, we intend to continue doing so, but we have to be responded with loyalty and responsibility,” added the secretary of public policy of CCOO, Carlos Bravo.

The UGT leader has stressed that the Government cannot pretend that the unions sit down to negotiate only when they want and has demanded that they be summoned to discuss the path of raising the SMI until the end of the legislature because “only then will it be possible to maintain normality in reference to social agreement “.

“The Government cannot pretend that we sit down to negotiate only when it wants. It has to sit down to see what we weigh in relation to the SMI. We have to reach an agreement to reach that path of 60% of the average salary, which would be about 1,100 euros, and only if that situation occurs will it be possible to give normality to social consultation, “he stressed.

Criticism of Nadia Calviño

Álvarez has criticized the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, for asking for prudence and time before making a decision on raising the SMI again. “Sometimes I have the feeling that the first vice president herself talks to herself and answers. A few months ago she told us that depending on how the economy was, the rise in the SMI would be reconsidered and the economy is going like a shot,” he added .

“The workers are not going to take it to large accounts or to tax havens. What it does is start the wheel of consumption,” stressed Álvarez, who has indicated that the fact of making the concentration before the Bank of Spain does not It is a coincidence, since it is a matter of this institution also understanding that it must be “more prudent” and not publish “part studies” when it is “more convenient” for Calviño’s arguments.

Along the same lines, Bravo (CCOO) has demanded that the Government not skip 2021 on the path to reach a SMI of 60% of the average salary before the end of the legislature, because it considers it essential that the recovery “corresponds to recognition to citizens “.

He has assured that more than 1.5 million workers depend on that minimum amount and that he has recalled that the increase in the SMI will also contribute to economic growth because the lowest wages are used entirely for consumption.

“The Government has commitments made with the citizenry that it has to fulfill,” added Bravo, who also pointed out the need to repeal the 2012 labor reform to balance collective bargaining and that the 16 million employed workers “see growth wages and improve working conditions in a clear way. ”

“All this must be addressed within the framework of social dialogue. We have demonstrated our ability to negotiate and ask for loyalty and responsibility to the rest of the members of the table. No one has the power to veto,” he defended.

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