Monday, May 29

United Arab Emirates bans recreational drones after attack | Digital Trends Spanish

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) decreed a ban on recreational drones by fans, after an attack on an oil facility was recorded.

This measure also applies to light aircraft such as gliders.

This determination was made after an alleged drone attack on an oil facility and an airport in Abu Dhabi, the country’s capital.

Although the authorities have not directly mentioned this threat, in a statement they referred to the “recently detected misuse” and the incidents of drone pilots “invading areas where this type of activity is prohibited.”

In this case, according to the authorities, the most important thing is the need to “guarantee the safety of lives and property.”

The attack

According to a report from APBallistic missiles and drones loaded with explosives would have been used in the attack on the facilities in Abu Dhabi. At the moment, the size and model of these devices have not been reported.

The attacks were claimed by the Houthi, the Iranian-backed Islamist rebel group that controls a large part of Yemen.

According to AP, the ban on the use of drones for recreational purposes could help the Middle Eastern nation to have a tighter control of its skies.

This measure has already begun to be applied in residential sectors and in the vicinity of airports.

From the Ministry of the Interior they indicate that this prohibition may have some exceptions, particularly for employment contracts or commercial or advertising projects that depend on drone filming.

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