Sunday, December 10

United Kingdom sends weapons to Ukraine before the mobilization of Russian troops

UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace announced in Parliament on Monday an agreement to provide Ukraine with new weapons to increase its “defensive capability.”

The US believes that Russia is planning a false flag operation to justify the invasion of Ukraine

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Wallace has detailed that the package includes “light anti-tank weapons systems” and has highlighted that all the equipment is “short-range” and has a “clearly defensive” utility, so they are not a “threat to Russia.”

The package adds to the military collaboration that the United Kingdom and Ukraine already agreed to last year, which included, among other aspects, training programs and the construction of several armed ships.

The Defense Minister has indicated that British personnel will travel to Ukraine for a short period of time to start up the new weapons and carry out training tasks.

Ben Wallace has stated at the same time that he has invited his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu, to visit London in the coming weeks.

The minister has expressed his desire to use bilateral contacts to advance in a “constructive and good faith” dialogue on the tension on the Ukraine border, where Moscow has stationed tens of thousands of military troops, although he has stressed that the position on the conflict “is very clear.

“Any destabilizing action by Russia in Ukraine would be a strategic mistake and would have significant consequences,” said Wallace, who warned that “there is a package of international sanctions prepared to ensure that the Russian government is punished if it crosses the line “.