Saturday, December 4

United We Can and PSOE take the first steps to resume the repeal of the gag law

United We Can and PSOE have begun to take the first steps to begin repealing the gag law. This Thursday representatives of both parties have met and have reached a “principle of agreement” on issues included in these regulations such as the right to assembly or the taking of images of demonstrations or police operations, according to sources from the confederal group.

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At the closing of the last Federal Congress, held on October 17, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, reaffirmed his commitment to repeal these regulations. This announcement, on one of the flags that the confederal group had endorsed, caused several spokesmen for Podemos and United Podemos to insist days later on the relevance of this commitment. The confederal group demanded that the Board of Congress put an end to the extensions and the groups could already present their partial amendments.

This Tuesday, the spokesman for United We Can, Pablo Echenique, assured that they had asked the socialists to give themselves a “one week to try to negotiate the amendments to the gag law with the prospect that next week the process of this law can be unblocked. in Congress”. After the meeting held this Thursday, PSOE sources indicate that there is “progress in the negotiation” of this matter.

On behalf of the coalition, Enrique Santiago, secretary general of the PCE and Secretary of State for Agenda 2030, has attended. Despite the issues discussed in the last meeting, United We can assure that “there are important points to discuss.” Among the proposals defended by the group led by Yolanda Díaz, they are committed to guaranteeing “the protection of the fundamental right to peaceful assembly through the reform of the articles referring to the right to assembly, without in any case the absence of prior communication preventing the exercise of of the right as long as it is in a peaceful way “.

Likewise, they defend that “taking into account the claims of media professionals, the taking and dissemination of images may not be sanctioned when they do not affect the right to privacy or security of the police or their families,” indicate sources of United We Can.

Government partners such as the PNV or EH Bildu have been criticizing the blocking of the processing of the repeal of this regulation for weeks and were confident that this procedure could begin this week. The main stumbling block between the partners remains the regulation of hot returns. The PSOE intends to keep them within international law and United We can ask for their total prohibition.