Monday, February 26

United We Can and the partners ask the PSOE to take care of the “progressive majority” after disagreeing on Ukraine and the Sahara

United We Can and some of the main parliamentary partners of the Government have warned the socialist part of the Executive on Tuesday of the risks that some of its latest measures entail, such as sending weapons to Ukraine, the increase in the Defense budget and the turn of Spain’s position on the Sahara, to maintain a “progressive majority” in Congress that can allow the Executive to conclude the legislature.

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Pablo Echenique, spokesperson for United We Can in Congress, has considered that the “increases in weapons” or “leaving the Saharawi people at the feet of the Moroccan dictatorship are decisions that distance” the Government “from the majority of the investiture”. However, he has considered that there is no risk that the Executive will break up, neither on his part nor on the part of the PSOE. “We are going to continue doing the same thing that we have been doing until now: progressive and brave policies”, Echenique assured, who has remarked that his objective is “that there is no Feijóo Government with Abascal”.

This can be avoided, in the opinion of the spokesman for United We Can, if the Government “is at the level of the progressive majority” because if not, a “dangerous” and “dark” situation of “democratic involution” could arise.

The ERC spokesman in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, precisely launched a direct question to United We Can, which in his opinion must decide “how they can be useful, whether outside or within the Government.” However, although he has considered that the Executive is going through a “hard” moment, Rufián has assured that for ERC the current “is not the most critical moment of the legislature or of the coalition”. In his opinion, the most complicated was the negotiation of the labor reform. He did want to issue a warning to Pedro Sánchez’s team, but also to United We Can: “Either the left gets its act together or Vox keeps all this.”

Rufián: “The PSOE is forced to do or not do”

“The PSOE makes the PSOE, it is forced to do it or it does not do it. The position on the Sahara is one more, the question is in exchange for what the Government has exchanged principles”, Rufián assured, at a press conference. He has also said that “no matter what happens, whatever it is, what the government has gained has been greater control of the fence, the approval of the US and a predominant position as far as Morocco can generate renewable energy.” “It is an exchange of principles for a kind of pragmatic, geopolitical positioning”, he has settled.

Minutes before, the spokesperson for EH Bildu in Congress, Mertxe Aizpurua, was especially critical of the change in the Executive’s position on the Sahara. She has accused the Government of “accepting Moroccan blackmail”, for which she has wondered “on what basis the parliamentary majority has made that decision”. “It has been done without counting on anyone. Neither with the Sahara, nor with Algeria, nor with the progressive bloc, nor with the entirety of this Government”, she has denounced. “It is a decision taken against its own program and UN resolutions.” Along these lines, Aizpurua has denounced a “total opacity” on the part of Pedro Sánchez and his team, and that “there is no explanation”.

EH Bildu has also demanded from the Executive a “progressive plan” to deal with the economic and social consequences of the invasion of Ukraine. “Whoever is tempted to look to the moderate right should know that there is no alternative to the progressive bloc,” he emphasized, clearly alluding to the PSOE. In his opinion, with his latest decisions, Sánchez “distances himself” from the progressive bloc. “The government has to be faithful to what it said it was going to do. If he walks away it will be of his own free will and he will be doing himself a disservice, ”he has pointed out.

Baldoví: “I don’t like the drift of the Government”

Compromís spokesman, Joan Baldoví, has also asked the Government and, especially, the progressive party, to “take care” of the investiture bloc. “I do not like the drift that the Government is taking,” he pointed out, at a press conference. In his opinion, the Executive “has to realize that it is Government because it has parliamentary partners and allies that allow it to govern.” For this reason, Baldoví has ​​warned that if the Executive makes decisions such as those of Ukraine or the Sahara “it will find itself very alone in the future”.

The Valencianist leader has considered that the Government is experiencing a “particularly complicated moment”. “I wanted there to be a progressive majority in Congress and I think that, like personal relationships, you have to take care of them. The PSOE is not taking care of the progressive majority. Building majorities is very complicated and it is very easy to end up destroying them”, he warned.