Sunday, December 4

United We Can ask for a sanction to the organizers of a Falange act in Madrid

United We Can has asked that the organizers of an act of the Falange that took place on October 29 in Madrid be sanctioned. In a letter addressed to the Secretary of State for Democratic Memory, the president of the parliamentary group, Jaume Asens, has denounced that “dozens of people dressed in fascist symbology” gathered in Calle del Príncipe in the capital. In the act, he affirms, they sang the anthem of the phalanx of the JONS “with their arms raised in the manner of the fascist and Nazi salute, and shouts and cheers were uttered in favor of their founder while the Cara al Sol was sung”.

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In his letter, Asens also denounces that the Falange publicized the act on its social media profiles. Thus, he requests that a sanctioning file be opened to investigate whether the facts are “susceptible to infractions” in accordance with the Democratic Memory Law.

The deputy of United We Can in Congress bases these infractions on the fact that they are contrary to several articles of the law. Among them, 62, which deals with “very serious” infractions. According to this, they are “those acts that incite the personal or collective exaltation of the leaders, participants in the repressive system or of the organizations that supported the dictatorial regime, when it involves discredit, contempt or humiliation of the victims or their families ” .

Likewise, it refers to Organic Law 9/1983, of July 15, which regulates the Right of Assembly and which considers “acts contrary to democratic memory” those carried out in public that involve “discredit, contempt or humiliation of the victims or their relatives..

In his brief, Asens finally refers to another article on sanctions for these acts – number 63 – and two others, 64 and 65, in which reference is made to who can report them and who is responsible for resolving them.