Saturday, September 25

United We can charge Naturgy for requesting compensation for its hydroelectric plants in Galicia

The environmental party Alianza Verde, integrated in Unidos Podemos, considers that Naturgy does not have a “legal basis” to demand millionaire compensation from the Government for a lower energy production in its hydroelectric plants and has urged the Ministry for the Ecological Transition to accelerate the recovery of these facilities.

Thus, as recalled by its coordinator, the spokesperson for the Ecological Transition in Congress by United We Can, Juantxo López Uralde, the ecological flow is a figure contemplated in the Water Law, and that there are several opinions of the State Council establishing that they should not be compensated.

Specifically, Naturgy has filed five claims for patrimonial liability since last year for alleged damages to comply with these ecological flows determined by the Hydrological Plan of the Miño-Sil River Basin District, as this medium has advanced.

Thus, the company had to release water to respect the ecological flows determined by the Administration in eight of its plants in Galicia, which reduced its electricity production between 2017 and 2019.

“The Government has full legitimacy, relying on the Water Law, to set ecological flows, when the availability of the resource so requires,” says López Uralde, who calls at the same time to “accelerate the recovery for the State of hydroelectric concessions “.

In this way, he adds, it is possible “to guarantee that its management serves the general interest, and not the economic interest of the oligopoly,” since it considers that it “is only concerned about continuing to rake in billion-dollar profits, while the electricity bill becomes more expensive for the citizenship”.