Thursday, July 29

United We can demand that the PSOE extend the “social shield” before the fifth wave of the pandemic

On August 9, the “social shield” approved by the Government in the first months of the pandemic, in 2020, declines to counteract some of the consequences caused by the health crisis in the most vulnerable groups of society. United We can already warned its partner that the deadline was short. And now, with the rebound in incidence and the fear that it will affect the incipient economic recovery, he is calling on the PSOE to extend the validity of the measures until 2022. The Minister of Social Rights has sent a letter to his Cabinet colleagues to demand that “with the greatest possible urgency” it be extended to “protection for those people who are suffering the most from the social and labor crisis (…) and, where appropriate, approve other measures that are necessary.”

Brussels applauds the Spanish social shield, warns of “uncertainties” and expects the economy to return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022

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“We are once again witnessing an increase in the accumulated incidence and contagion rates of COVID 19, so the pandemic is far from disappearing. This situation will undoubtedly affect the summer tourism campaign very negatively, especially regarding the activity generated by the arrival of foreign tourists, with the consequent impact of an economic and labor nature that we already know, “says the letter, signed by the secretary general of Podemos and sent to the Presidency, Justice, Equality, Consumption, Transport, Work, Transition Ecological, Health and Inclusion.

The “social shield” fundamentally involves the guarantee of water and energy supply for vulnerable consumers, the extension of the right to the social bonus for certain groups, the suspension of the eviction procedure and the launching of vulnerable homes without alternative housing, the extraordinary extension of the lease contracts, the extension of the consideration as essential of the services of protection and assistance to the victims of gender violence, the urgent measures in the matter of protection and assistance to the victims of gender violence or the compatibility of the retirement pension of the professionals who practice medicine and nursing with the performance of their activity, among others.

All these measures, and some more, were extended beyond the validity of the state of alarm. And the month of August was established as the end of this shield given the certainty that the rate of vaccination and the improvement of tourism data would have been unnecessary. But the fifth wave and the uncertainty about the summer campaign raise concerns that the situations of vulnerability caused by the coronavirus are not in decline.

From United We can already raised at the time that the “social shield” should be extended until the end of the year, although the PSOE imposed on August 9. At the beginning of July, the Minister of Social Rights already warned that it would be necessary to extend the validity of the decree. The unions have also called on the socialist side of the Government to agree to negotiate the extension.

Belarra asks his colleagues in the Council of Ministers “to hold a working meeting to address both the contents of the new RDL for the extension of the Social Shield and the fastest possible way to guarantee its immediate entry into force.”

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