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United We can demand that the PSOE remove Carmona from the party for the “indecency” of his transfer to Iberdrola

The president of the United We Can parliamentary group, Jaume Asens, has assured this Monday that the PSOE should dismiss Antonio Miguel Carmona from the party for the “indecency” of his imminent signing as vice president of Iberdrola Spain, and has demanded stricter regulation for prohibit revolving doors.

Iberdrola hardens its pulse with the Government with the paralysis of renewable projects

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In an interview in La Hora de La 1, of TVE, the also leader of En Comú Podem has pointed out that the news has not sat well within the PSOE and has cited the tweet published yesterday by the deputy Odón Elorza, in which He thought Carmona’s was an “improper” decision for a socialist. “A personal decision by someone who has not represented the PSOE and its militancy for a long time should not take an electoral bill. But it is necessary to express that such a decision is inappropriate for a socialist,” added the socialist parliamentarian.

“The coherent thing would be to throw him out of the party or to leave,” Asens has launched today to censure that this incorporation occurs “in the middle of the war for the price of electricity and the offensive of electricity” to the Government.

He has also stressed that the regulation of the so-called revolving doors can be stricter and that they should be “banned” to allow politicians who do not have powers in the energy sector to later go to boards of directors. And it is that he has pointed out that these movements reveal the “politicization” acquired by the boards of directors of these companies.

Criticisms within the PSOE

Elorza’s has not been the only criticism within the socialist ranks of Carmona’s signing. This Sunday, the party’s Organization secretary, Santos Cerdán, published a message on Twitter censuring the decision. “I have nothing against Iberdrola or against Carmona. But if the news of his signing is confirmed, it seems to me a bad message that both are emitting,” he said.

In an interview on Radiocable this morning, the PSOE spokesman in Congress, Héctor Gómez, also spoke about the matter and pointed out that the link between his party and the energy company in a situation is not “a good sign” for citizens. of escalating the price of light. In this sense, he has considered that what former officials of the party do “does not define” the policy of his formation, but he has asked him to “give answers” after his signing, recognizing that the party did not know that he would sign for the company.

“We all know what revolving doors are, the link between what is public and what is private, where is the limit, the compatibility and incompatibility of public office. Each one who links it in the way it deems appropriate. We have it clear. “, has held.

Asked if the appointment of Carmona affects the reputation of the party, especially in energy matters, Gómez has pointed out that the PSOE is “much more” and has insisted that the Government is “focused” on solving the problem of electricity. .

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