Wednesday, February 21

United We Can demands from López Miras the dismissal of Fulgencio Gil and the breaking of the agreements with Vox after the assault on the Lorca City Council

“The assault on the plenary session of the Lorca City Council carried out yesterday by the bosses of intensive farming and encouraged by the Popular Party and Vox during the last week should be the trigger for the rupture of López Miras’s agreements with the far right.” This was considered this morning by the regional spokesperson for Podemos, María Marín, who visited the town of Lorca this morning to show solidarity with the Municipal Group of the United Left in Lorca and with the citizens of Lorca, “a welcoming city that does not it deserves the image that yesterday a few gave to all of Spain”. In addition, Marín has had words of support for the ranchers “who do things well, which are the majority and whom the gang that attacked the town hall yesterday does not represent in any way.”

For Marín, democracy is at a critical moment, “the most serious since the transition.” The spokeswoman for Podemos has recalled that in recent months it has gone “from graffiti and stones, to attacks with Molotov cocktails.” Yesterday there was a new step in this escalation with “an assault in the purest Trump style.” Marín has assured that López Miras must be “the first to take a step forward to distance himself from the violent ones” and has made him ugly that he has condemned this attack “late and with a small mouth”. The purple deputy has demanded the dismissal of the Popular Party spokesman in Lorca, Fulgencio Gil, and the breaking of all agreements in the Regional Assembly with Vox, “a party that celebrates this type of assault” and dismiss the far-right counselor. For Podemos, it is essential that López Miras clarify “today if he is with the Democrats or with the thugs.”

The Podemos deputy has denounced that, in addition to those directly responsible for the “Trumpist assault”, among whom there were “few ranchers and many extreme right-wing elements”, this attack “is the consequence of an unbreathable climate fueled by the opposition of Vox and the People’s Party. The spokeswoman recalled that the assault “began with a hoax.” released by the PP on January 3 about alleged statements by Garzón, “which were manipulated to turn the minister into a scapegoat and launch the electoral campaign in Castilla y León”, that is, “pure electoralism”. From that moment on, for Marín “the chronology is clear”, since four days later, on January 7, a PP delegation headed by the national deputy Isabel Borrego and Senator Francisco Bernabé “was in Lorca to put discord ”. They were joined days later by the regional president of Vox, José Ángel Antelo, who visited the municipality on January 20 “throwing even more gasoline on the bonfire.” In addition, also the former Minister of the Interior and MEP of the PP, Juan Ignacio Zoido, “visited Lorca last Thursday to light the fuse”, something that has continued throughout the weekend with local Vox officials such as Carmen Menduiña and the PP as former mayor Fulgencio Gil, who “continued with the incendiary statements.”

Marín has also pointed out that among the protesters gathered at the gates of the City Council to prevent the plenary session from being held “there were deputies from the PP and Vox and two mayors from the PP” and he wondered what would happen if incidents like yesterday’s were repeated “in the Regional Assembly, in Puerto Lumbreras or in Fuente Álamo every time a group of people is dissatisfied with a decision”. For the deputy, this attitude constitutes a very serious fact that shows that democracy in the Region of Murcia “is being assaulted by a party that is on the margins of democracy” and whose maximum leader in the Region of Murcia, José Ángel Antelo , “I celebrated this attack on social networks yesterday.” Marín has charged against Vox and has recalled that “we are not facing a democratic force, but rather a fascist whose only objective, as they demonstrated yesterday, is to destroy our democracy from within.” Something for which Podemos considers that “they have an ally essential in the PP”, a party “delivered to the suicidal drift of Casado, to whom anything goes to achieve power”.

For her part, Gloria Martín, councilor of the United Left in the Lorca City Council, has reviewed the motion that was to be approved yesterday and recalled that the vast majority of the legislation applicable to livestock infrastructure “comes mostly from the Autonomous Community” . Martín has also assured that the motion “had the approval of all the actors involved until hoaxes began to be launched.”

Finally, the regional coordinator of Izquierda Unida Verdes, José Luis Álvarez Castellanos, has considered that the assault on the Lorca City Council Plenary “is intolerable”, while he has described as “nonsense that undermines the most elementary principles of democracy” the support of PP and Vox to this violent action. Álvarez Castellanos has also ensured that PP and Vox “know perfectly well that the proposed modification does not affect legally existing pig farms and does affect their expansions or new farms.” In addition, the IU coordinator has recalled that the PP “has supported more restrictive measures in other municipalities”, such as the 2,500-meter minimum distance to urban land in Cieza, “which rises to a minimum distance of 4,000 meters in Moratalla”, while that in Yecla “it is the municipal government of the PP that promotes a similar measure.”