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Univision plans to launch its streaming platform in 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

Univision Communications Inc. announced its plans to launch a two-tier streaming service in the United States and Latin America next year.

The company has classified this news as a milestone for the Hispanic market. Thus, according to them, the new service will have more original content in Spanish than any other streaming service.

The new streaming service will include PrendeTV, the free ad-supported service that Univision launched earlier this year, as well as Vix and Univision Now.

Meanwhile, the brand, prices and launch dates will be announced after the Univision-Televisa merger is approved, according to the official plan statement.

The advertising subscription level of the new service will be led by Prende, which will offer a selection of original and purchased films, live sports and news, one hundred linear channels and 40 thousand hours of on-demand programming.

The premium subscription level will add more than 6 thousand hours of content in Spanish and more than 30 exclusive originals in its first year.

Regarding content, Univision assured that the new exclusive programs will feature María Dueñas, Santiago Limón and Mario Vargas Llosa.

The company also announced Mujer del Diablo, an original series created by Leonardo Padrón, the writer of the Univision and Televisa series Amar a Muerte, Rubí and Si Nos Dejan.

Univision also said that it has established a development agreement with Caracol Televisión, 360 Powwow and Isla Audiovisual for the historic series No Llegaron Alos. Other talents and projects will be announced in the coming weeks.

“This announcement is a quantum leap in Univision’s transformation as we aggressively expand our streaming capabilities to bring thousands of hours of premium and original content to the nearly 600 million Spanish-speakers around the world,” explained Pierluigi Gazzolo, president and transformation director of Univision.

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