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Unreleased version of Prince of Persia released for the Atari XL | Digital Trends Spanish

The original Prince of persia it was first released on the Apple II, in 1989. The game turned out to be very popular, so new versions were created for other platforms such as MS-DOS, Amiga and even consoles such as the Game Boy or the Super Nintendo.

But a platform that was still heavily used at the time ran out of its ration of Prince of persia: the Atari 600 XL or XE, which were part of the family of 8-bit computers introduced in 1979, a decade earlier. And that has been remedied now, 30 years after the original release, thanks to a group of modders who created a new version of Prince of Persia.

The port It was in development for two years with the collaboration of a dozen people in charge of sound, graphics, code and even memory management.

The final version is just 165 kilobytes in size and is available for download in the Atariage forum; its creator is delivering different versions, depending on the format in which it is required for platforms as old as the Atari XL or XE.

In general, this version of Prince of persia it looks pretty good and true to what the original title was, aside from a few small bugs or errors that could eventually occur.

On the other hand, it is not normal for them to believe ports for consoles as old as these and for the vast majority it will not go beyond a curiosity, since Prince of persia It has come a long way since its first installment. In the same way, this is yet another proof of how momentous the first game in the series was, which sadly failed to maintain its popularity along the way.

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