Monday, October 25

Up and down

This week’s news turns black on white the differences between those above and below, the privileged rich and the common people. Thousands of millionaires from all over the world come out in the roles of Pandora for having opaque companies in tax havens, including hundreds of Spanish millionaires, among whom are the very patriotic and much liberal Miguel Bosé, Vargas Llosa or Pep Guardiola. Patriots of his own, nationalists of the pocket. It does not fail, the more they fly a flag, the louder they sing Andorra, Switzerland, Panama, beloved homelands.

The papers also dot the King Emeritus, who appears as one of the beneficiaries of a fund owned by his ex, Corinna Larsen. Today we know that the Prosecutor’s Office plans to close the investigations against him without reporting him, because he was inviolable, the crimes have prescribed or regularized his situation. Three fallacious arguments: the king is not inviolable to commit a crime, there are crimes that have not prescribed and his regularization does not exempt him from the courts because he did it at the request of the tip of the Prosecutor’s Office that now lets him fly. Three years of investigations that we subjects pay. A diversionary maneuver to cover the king’s nakedness with a cloak of apparent justice. Neither Justice is the same for everyone nor the Treasury are all of us.

This week a study by the Tax Agency has also been published that reveals that 20 of the Spanish multinationals pay an average of less than 2% of Corporation Tax and that large companies pay an average of 6% compared to 15% of small ones and medium. The annual report of Caritas has also come out according to which 6 million people are in severe social exclusion (2 million more than before the pandemic) and the Minimum Vital Income only reaches 18% of applicants. Those who have more get away with the help of the system that fails those who have less.

And while there are people who do not even have electricity and you are crunched with the bill, Iberdrola signs for 500,000 euros a year Antonio Miguel Carmona, former PSOE councilor, professional opportunist and favorite right-wing gathering, to clean up the public image of the company. Instead of lowering the bill, they spend half a million euros to pay a charlatan to sell the bike. The appointment is another attack by the electricity company against the Government, in the rate war of which we are the collateral damage. Everything is part of the same: a system of privileged people who live at the expense of the majority and the perks that allow them to hoard wealth.

A system that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. That there are people without houses and houses without people. The coalition has reached an agreement for a housing law that contemplates limiting prices to large holders and punishing them for having empty flats, encouraging the small owner to rent cheaply and prohibiting public administrations from selling social housing to funds. The proposal falls short because it gives many opportunities to escape the restrictions, but even so the PP has already announced that it will appeal and disobey it. The right, the party of those above. The bosses have also shouted to heaven. Neither a measure nor a complaint against speculation has come out of them, but they oppose the first attempt to help the citizen. The market is inviolable and can rape you like the king.

We are the servants of the series Up and downThose of us who support the house, those of us who pay taxes so that there is a country, to rescue the most affected, to redistribute wealth and end inequality. But it is in vain. On the upper floor, the gentlemen raise prices, reduce wages and extract oil from the ground until it is dry, because everything that goes up comes down empty like the cups of tea that the servants bring them every day.

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