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The Government has launched health law reform that promoted the privatization and the copayment in the Aznar stage.

There is still a process to be definitively approved and in that time we will see clashes between Sandidad and the opposition, but also with United We Can, which calls for a complete reversal of the management by private companies of public health services such as hospitals. For now, the draft is not so blunt, although the previous text is modified to give preference to direct public management and requires more arguments for privatization.

Another thing the law does is continue to dismantle the drug copayment system. Today we tell you the impact that having to face that extra expense on medicines has on the most vulnerable families or I no longer tell you the dentist.

  • And the incidence goes up. Meanwhile, we are watching another slight rebound in the rate of coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

A country of owners

Spain is going to stop being a country of owners. There is a phrase from an expert in this report which I think sums up well a part of the phenomenon of late emancipation and demography:

“It is difficult that in the future we will have a country of homeowners with paid homes if today young people do not even have a mortgage. In a society with increasing life expectancy and very substantial wealth inequality, it does not seem reasonable to expect that these young people simply inherit a property as a solution to the problem. ”

And yet, the sale of flats is skyrocketing. The things of the market: this rise in demand is concentrated in those who have the most economic stability or who do it as an investment. And it’s not just because of the pandemic, which in fact hasn’t brought prices down as drastically as could be anticipated.

  • Tax. If you are looking for a house to buy, or you have it for sale, you are interested in our explanations about what exactly is happening with the capital gains tax. The Constitutionalist overthrew the previous one and the new it will take some time to take effect. What happens in the meantime?

History of a piece of furniture

Today’s episode of the podcast is a bit special. We are not talking about a law or a politician, nor about an economic controversy or a social cause. We are talking about a piece of furniture. But we believe that sometimes furniture can tell us a story, that of the person who owns it and the place where it was made. In this case, it is the story of a woman evacuated from her home on the island of La Palma.

Yesterday one of the links in this newsletter to the chapter on the left in Portugal it was badly placed. Sorry! Here it is if you didn’t find him.

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Do not pass

  • You will end up hurting. As if they were the elders of a family reunion, the barons of the PP they had to call Casado and Ayuso’s attention so they stop sticking. So much playing power games, they’re going to end up hurting themselves for real. And then the tears will be for all the PP.
  • Border. We are going to have trouble on the European border because of Belarus and Poland. Hundreds of migrants are being forced to approach the Polish side while being turned away from the other side. Context.
  • Ill? The story of the plane that went from Morocco to Turkey but made a stopover in Palma due to a health emergency is tremendous. The Police are investigating whether the patient actually faked a diabetic coma to force the landing in the Balearic Islands and thus ‘facilitate’ a dozen people trying to get out of the plane, running along the runways, to enter Spain irregularly. A madness that keeps them in provisional prison with very serious charges.

Everything is politics

  • With the hen caponata the latest absurd mess has been made in US politics. It turns out that CNN has recorded a video with the doll, as if it had been vaccinated, to teach children. Who could find it wrong? You are right, ultra-liberal Republicans find it “propaganda” intolerable and indoctrination. Not like, what do I know, the “In God We Trust” thing on all the dollar bills.
  • Pop geopolitics. The friends of The World Order have released a podcast on the geopolitics of everyday things, that is, the political background that is, for example, in cartoons or in food. It fits like a glove in this section of the newsletter, so we are sure to quote from time to time.

Well tomorrow we read again.

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