Tuesday, November 30

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Today is the day that the left will have to pay an unpleasant price to facilitate the unblocking of the organs that govern Justice. Congress votes for the new members of the Constitutional Court and it is being especially hard for the PSOE and United We can accept Enrique Arnaldo, present in the PP corruption summaries and closely linked to the ideological apparatus of the party.

Today he writes Ingacio Escolar: “What has happened and continues to happen with the Constitutional Court, with the Judicial Power, with the Court of Accounts or with the Ombudsman is better understood with a metaphor: it is a kidnapping. (…) The PP has only accepted, reluctantly, to renew a part of those constitutional bodies. To end a part of that kidnapping – that of the CGPJ continues – but collecting a ransom ”.

That PSOE and PP had agreed to renewal in these terms has been known for weeks, but the atmosphere has been tense on the left in recent days, to the extent that it is not guaranteed that voting discipline will be enforced in the parties that support the Government. United We Can is not going to ask for it and in the PSOE there has been some threat. Some deputies think that the price is too high. Most, that there was no other remedy.

The INE has published the figures of people who died from Covid in 2020 from the information contained in the medical death certificates: they add up to 17,000 more than the official ones we had so far from the first wave. As of July, the figures from the Government and those now provided by the INE fit much better, which tells us about the chaos and saturation of health services that the pandemic caused in the first months. The new figure that we can already cite with official sources for 2020 is: 74,839 deaths, to which must be added those of 2021.

Today you have a complete analysis on these new data, with very valuable information. The first wave was urban, invisible, devastating in senior centers; then the virus was primed with the towns and punished the most saturated hospitals.

Today we dedicate the chapter of the podcast to a subject that surely has reached you: “buy flashlights and soups from envelopes! A big blackout is coming!”. Well, there is no basis for that alarm, and today we explain to you with the friends of maldita.es and with an energy expert where the psychosis comes from about an immediate collapse of the electrical system.

A survey by Metroscopia places the PSOE as the winner of the elections if they were held today, although losing margin with respect to the PP. Vox rises, although the sum with Casado would not give them to form a government. Here the data

It is also observed that the popularity of Yolanda Díaz projected by other polls is not relaunching the Podemos brand. In that context, we interview Mónica Oltra, who does not dare to take any step towards the “new space” that may arise around the vice president. Of course, the complicity seems total: “We have a more horizontal, kinder, less phallic way of doing politics.”

Well, hey, tomorrow is Friday.

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