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Pablo Casado must be laughing out loud at home. For the PP, the move of the renewal of the Constitutional Court agreed with the PSOE and United We Can has come out quite round for now. With a single movement, he has managed to place two political commissioners in the heart of the court and, on the way, has caused a break in voting discipline in their opponents which is unprecedented. The appointment of the most controversial magistrate, Enrique Arnaldo, has had 11 fewer votes than expected.

Today on the podcast We analyzed the implications of this appointment, with Ignacio Escolar.

And another detail from Enrique Arnaldo’s biography, in case the piece fits you: it was him who took Pablo Casado before the rector of the university center where Casado passed 12 subjects, the ones he needed to graduate, in four months. (Don’t you know that story? Here we tell it, in 2018). Married was already a great promise of the PP and he worked as an advisor in the government of Esperanza Aguirre.

  • By the way, among the appointments there are not only the controversial ones but also those who, although they are on a parliamentary proposal, present an impeccable curriculum. Like Ramón Sáez’s, a leading judge who has taken a stand against Franco’s impunity.

Do you understand something?

For me, it is one of the great problems of our administration: there is no one who understands them. If I, who fit the profile of an informed person who understands how ‘the system’ works, I have to read the letters of the Treasury twenty-five times or the information on any official website to understand something and almost always half, what that torture will be like for other people more alien to those mechanisms.

In some cases, this gap between the administration and the citizen causes serious problems, such as social assistance being lost along the way. A study on paperwork related to ERTE or the social bond of light, it comes to the conclusion that 72% of the procedures “are not clear.”

And stay with this data: only eight out of every 100 people living below the poverty and social exclusion threshold received a minimum regional insertion income in 2019. Half of the procedures rejected by the administration are due to formal defects. It is tremendous.

  • Although there are letters that they understand each other very well. Companies have gone from temporary to permanent to 82,400 workers in just two weeks. What has happened for that movement to take place? That they have received a letter signed by the Labor Inspectorate.
  • An important novelty: interns who have been in office for more than five years will be fixed unopposed. The Government has guaranteed the support of ERC and PNV to carry out the measure. The details.

Do not pass

  • A COP without much of a pull. COP26 is not drawing the interest and attention from previous climate summits. The new generation of climate activists, after starring in but then disappointed in these kinds of meetings and their promises, focus their energies on other battles. A report.
  • Today we interview Ada Colau, another of the voices that are beginning to surround Yolanda Díaz for her bet that goes beyond Podemos: “Yolanda Díaz is the type of leadership that Spain needs.”
  • Rental. We are getting to know details about the bonus who will pay for the rent of the young people with 250 euros per month. For example, something reasonable: in localities where the rent is very cheap, the voucher will be limited.
  • Thieves. A group of thieves has attacked the van that transported Jordi Pujol’s family’s computers and telephones from the courts back to his home. They’ve taken everything. This does not appear to affect judgment.

Tertullian Trivial

Blue – At the border of which two countries have thousands of migrants been trapped this week in the middle of a geopolitical fight?

pink – What series is carried out by a coroner who is dedicated to killing and dismembering evil people with whom he comes across on his own account?

Yellow – In what century was the first Spanish republic proclaimed?

Brown – What is the name of the Minister of Science and Innovation?

Green – In which city is the COP26 Climate Summit being held?

Orange – Who was the first black player to make his debut with the Spanish soccer team?



Blue – Poland and Belarus

pink – Dexter

Yellow – XIX century

Brown – Diana Morant

Green – Glasgow (Scotland)

Orange – Donato Gama da Silva (in 1994)

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