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There are always people wanting to indulge in the most apocalyptic theories, as if the pandemic in and of itself were not enough, and in recent weeks you may have found out there that we must prepare for “A big blackout” electricity that is yet to come and that will plunge Europe into chaos. The sale of stoves, flashlights and other autonomous electrical appliances has exploded.

And, of course, everything is a huge hoax created from a particle of truth: in Austria, the defense minister (who is dedicated to anticipating this type of unlikely catastrophes) said that her country is prepared for a possible power blackout. From that thing so remote and so small, a snowball has been formed with which the Spanish extreme right has decided to play scaremongering. According to the usual digital forums for the most ‘flat-earthers’ of Vox who express themselves without “progressive censorship”, the energy schism is imminent.

To put your mind at ease: no, there is no indication that we are going to experience a major power outage imminent. Here you have data, experts and context for you to share it when someone says something in a WhatsApp group.

  • The only big blackout that it does exist is a sound fiction, a podcast scripted by our collaborator José A. Pérez Ledo. For those who have fanciful drives, there they can explode what they want, there is everything and it is entertaining.
  • This should really concern us . It’s funny how the far right is willing to believe any hoax to catch votes while denying the science behind climate change. The second half of the Countries Summit in Glasgow begins this week. In this review we summarize what he has given of himself so far and we tell you what has to happen in what remains for the meeting to be of use and not be one more example of “climate cynicism”.

Yolanda Díaz’s phases

This weekend we have told you that Yolanda Díaz is in the “listening phase” for the formation of her new political space that reconciles what was once the Podemos universe and the confluences. The listening phase means that you are testing the waters, and in that sense almost all the gestures that you make tend to mean something. At the end of this week, will participate in a rally with Mónica Oltra (Compromís), Ada Colau (In Comú) and Mónica García (More Madrid). No one from Podemos will be on stage, and we could say that Yolanda Díaz represents that family on the spot, but we know not. This has just begun.

Knife phase. Ayuso and Casado have long stopped listening to each other, groping and almost talking. The shock is evident. In this report We will tell you about the rise and fall of that political relationship that long ago was one of friendship and complicity in internal battles.

Fado on the left in Portugal

We are going to Lisbon. Today on the podcastOur colleague Víctor Honorato tells us why the left-wing alliance supported by the Government has just failed. There will be early elections. We also compare the Portuguese parties with ours, to see if the equivalences that we usually do make sense.

Do not pass

  • Immune debt. This article is interesting that investigates something that we are all noticing: this year we are getting sick, with colds and flu-like processes, more than before the pandemic. Is that so? Well, it remains to be analyzed.
  • Scam by Bizum. Today the Government approves new measures against fraud through digital means of payment, ranging from cryptocurrencies to transfers with tools like Bizum. The sudden landing during the pandemic of many people on these tools has left the easiest to fool a bit unprotected.
  • To compare. To further discuss whether banning ads for children promoting unhealthy foods is really insane, we do international review: in Chile these messages are limited, while for example there are areas of Canada where they are totally prohibited.
  • Nicaragua. Elections have been held in Nicaragua in a context of political persecution and repression of everything that was dissidence against President Daniel Ortega. The opposition has called not to participate and abstention has been very high. Starting today we will know results (foreseeable, Ortega is heading into his fifth term) and, above all, consequences.

Things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that comedian Miguel Gila decided to enlist in the Army of the Republic and join the Socialist Youth already during the Civil War. That they shot him but that he played dead and survived. That later, despite that past, he came to act in front of Franco. Read here.
  • He did not know that the most famous tracksuit in the world, the one with the three stripes on the sides of the sweatshirt and pants, was designed in 1964 for the German footballer Franz Beckenbauer. Since then, Adidas has exploited the design as much as it can and has conquered rappers, footballers and celebrities who would never wear a tracksuit. Curiosities in Esquire.

Done for today. Tomorrow we read each other again.

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