Friday, March 24

UPN confirms the suspension of militancy of Sayas and Adanero for two and a half years

After studying the allegations, the Disciplinary and Guarantees Committee of the Unión del Pueblo Navarra (UPN) has decided to suspend the deputies Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adanero from militancy for two years and six months, who, lying to their party, skipped the vote discipline in an attempt to torpedo the validation of the labor reform in Congress. It has been one of the deputies, Sergio Sayas, who through Twitter has communicated the decision of the UPN before the party itself announced the resolution of the guarantees committee.

Sayas and Adanero, from the UPN youth to the threat of expulsion after the betrayal in the labor reform

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The two deputies will be able to appeal the resolution to the political council, which previously endorsed the executive’s expulsion proposal, or resort to the judicial process, something that Sergio Sayas has already advanced previously that he values ​​​​exploring.

The sanction agreed by this independent UPN body made up of five people is the same as the one proposed a few days ago after having studied the request of the party executive to expel the two deputies, a proposal that had been endorsed by the political council , the party’s highest body between congresses made up of 232 representatives. After analyzing the statutes, this committee has ruled out that Sayas and Adanero committed a “very serious” infraction -which could lead to their expulsion- by skipping the voting discipline, an action that they have described as “serious”.

As detailed by the guarantees committee in its resolution, the sanctions are provided for in article 108.2 a) and b) of the UPN Statutes and “correspond to a serious infraction”, which is typified in article 108.1 j). Specifically, it states that “any political action that goes against the decisions approved by the Party’s bodies, and expressly the breach of the official voting duty in the institutions, established by law.”

The five members of this party body maintain that it has been proven that Sayas and Adanero “at no time informed the UPN management that their vote in the validation of Royal Decree-Law 32/2021, of December 28, on measures urgent for the labor reform, was going to be negative, thus contravening the official position agreed by the president, vice president and general secretary, to vote affirmatively for the validation of the Royal Decree-law”. For this reason, they consider that it is “an infraction of a serious and not a minor nature, due to the fact that they decided to hide the reality of the meaning of their vote from the UPN leadership”.

With this sanction, the two deputies will not be able to run for public office again as members of the UPN for the next two years and six months, so they will not be available for the 2023 electoral cycle. However, once the sanction has expired they will recover the militancy in the party. Meanwhile, UPN will remain without representation in Congress for the first time since 1979, while two deputies will remain in the Mixed Group as independents by refusing to deliver their minutes.