Friday, December 8

UPN deputy Sergio Sayas: “The leadership of the party and the voters think differently”

One of the deputies of the Union of the Navarrese People who have skipped party discipline to vote against the Labor Reform, Sergio Sayas, declared after the plenary session in Congress that the decision was adopted by both parliamentarians “in an absolutely independent manner “. In statements to La Sexta, Sayas added: “We have done it for a matter of conviction.”

If a PP deputy had not made a mistake when pressing the button, the decision of Sayas and Carlos García Adanero would have decanted the final result to no and the failure of the Government reform. “We would have done it even if our vote hadn’t worked,” said the deputy, referring to the fact that they would have acted the same even knowing that the final result would have been the one that ultimately occurred.

Asked about the discrepancies with the UPN leadership, which announced its support for the labor reform, Sayas defended the parliamentary group’s independence from the political party. “When there is a lot of talk about party discipline, there is something called parliamentary groups. You state your position and from there you win or lose,” said Sayas.

Sayas has assured that his rejection of the labor reform derives from the “wish” of the UPN voters, who, according to him, support his position against that of the party leadership. “The party leadership and the voters think differently and I have to interpret that desire,” he said. Regarding the future of both deputies in the party, Sayas has stated that “the discrepancy with the party was on this issue.”