Wednesday, October 5

Upward trend: investments in pesos with estimated returns of 35% in dollars

Today, it is possible to invest in properties safely, from the comfort of home and with a minimum of $ 25,000. Real estate developments have historically proven to meet these characteristics and thus achieve:

  • Eliminate the risk of devaluation for being an asset valued in dollars.
  • Obtain high returns in dollars for the revaluation of the m2 and generate rental income giving an additional income to the investor.
  • Provide legal security and transparency to its investors through private trusts structured by public fiduciaries.

In that sense, Crowdium, the first platform of real estate crowdfunding from Latin America, allows access to the US currency and to channel the opportunity in the real estate market from 25 thousand pesos. “In this way, the investor not only dollarizes their pesos, but also generates an attractive return in one of the historically safest and most stable markets,” they explain from the firm.

More than 110 thousand investors registered on the platform, Crowdium has funded 18 projects for more than 15 million dollars. One of the main milestones of the company was the distribution of returns of 30% in dollars to its investors within a period of 18 months. In addition, it distributed annual rents of 12% in dollars in a project in Vaca Muerta, Añelo, Neuquén and is currently distributing monthly rents of up to $ 400.

Today the company proposes the investment project to its investors Belgrano view, a tower soon to be released, located in the most exclusive residential neighborhood of Belgrano meters from Cabildo y Juramento Avenue, CABA. The project has more than 98% funded and as indicated on the web are the last days to be able to invest in this unique opportunity that proposes to acquire apartments with a significant discount with respect to the market price that will be rented and then sold with an increase in the price. In this way, it is estimated generate a return of between 25 and 35% in dollars for a period of 36 months to those who participate in the project.

How do I invest?

From the comfort of their home, investors can register and create their account for free at the company platform, to selectthe amount with which they wish to participate in pesos or dollars and in a few steps to invest with total security and transparency. It can be accessed from the web or by calling 0800-220-2769 for a commercial advisor to follow the process.

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