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Urban art returns to the streets of Madrid: guide to enjoy Pinta Malasaña this weekend

Every year, without missing one since 2016, dozens of artists come to the center of Madrid to paint in unison in as many spaces in the Malasaña neighborhood. There, its merchants, institutions and neighbors blindly give up doors, shutters and glass of their property, happy because they know that at the end of the day the creators will have transformed the places where they live or work into a work of art. The format, thus counted, is quite simple. The result, however, is a spectacular explosion of color.

These are the artists who will take part in Pinta Malasaña

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The meeting between artists, merchants and neighbors is called Pinta Malasaña and, over time, it has become one of the most important urban art festivals in the national geography. This 2021 is celebrated on Sunday 19, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with a wide range of proposals and points of interest distributed in this central neighborhood of Madrid.

What follows is a guide to enjoy Pinta Malasaña safely and not to miss any of the parallel proposals:

What artists participate?

They are the main protagonists of the festival and this year they come from different parts of the national geography (Valencian Community, Canary Islands, Andalusia, Aragon, Catalonia …) and some come from other areas of Europe such as France or Germany. Each one presented an idea to Pinta Malasaña and was selected by the festival from among the hundreds of proposals that came to the call.

Among the participants there are illustrators, tattoo artists, graphic designers or writers with a lot of streets behind them. Here you can consult the complete list of participants, with their distribution through the streets and links to their work.

Will it be safe to go to the festival? (pandemically speaking)

Yes. The event has been adapted to the Covid times with a significant reduction in participating artists (30% less compared to previous editions), in addition to providing a greater distance between the spaces where it will intervene and a significant decentralization to two of the points of the festival: the Condeduque cultural center, which also collaborates with a parallel activity where the protagonists are the attending public, and the Mostenses Market, where it will also be possible for the public to participate in the proposed artistic proposals.

The festival organization recommends the use of a mask, keeping safe distances around the artists and following the instructions of the health authorities.

Can the public paint?

Yes! Condeduque organizes an activity parallel to the festival, Paint the street, open to all those who want to dare to paint and draw, regardless of whether their level is high or low. The Plaza Guardia de Corps, in front of the cultural center, and the southern patio of the Condeduque himself will host the participatory proposal, launched from the Mediation area of ​​this center of the Madrid City Council. “Competitiveness will not be rewarded, but rather we will encourage play, experimentation and pleasure: it is about socializing through drawing in the open, losing fear and enjoying inhabiting the city in ways that inspire our day to day”, say the organizers about your initiative.

Several art professionals will encourage and tell tricks to the participants, while encouraging them to complete challenges that will be launched in the aforementioned spaces. The activity will be held from 12 noon to 6 pm, it is free to enter and no reservation is necessary to participate in it, although there are capacity restrictions.

A place that you cannot miss

The Mostenses Market, next to Gran Vía, opens in a special way on Sunday to enjoy the works of Pinta Malasaña 2020, the previous edition of the festival that had to be held in a confined format and without an audience due to the confinement and security measures of the pandemic. Attendees will be able to tour the facilities of this municipal food market to enjoy the 50 works that fill shutters, walls and even stairwells inside. In addition, exceptionally the terrace will be open to see in situ several of the works that were created on its roof.

In this place there will also be the possibility for any attendee to experiment with painting. The Pebeo brand has organized a day of activities open to the public in the central courtyard of the Mostenses Market. There, those over 12 years old will be able to participate in the workshops of the artist Marta Rosell, who will teach the new pouring technique. Participants will create their own work, which they can then take home.

Pebeo will also participate in the creation of a large mural in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo, where the artist Yandi will create a colorful mural on one of the spaces provided for the event.

Artistic aperitif on Saturday 18 (and raffle of 1,000 euros)

One day before the bulk of artistic interventions, on Saturday September 18, the Mahou Contest of Young Talents of Urban Art is held, a series of interventions in the windows of bars in the Malasaña neighborhood. Up to 20 artists will capture their ideas with markers and brushes throughout the day, from 10:00 in the morning.

In addition to enjoying the work of these creators, going to the points where they are can be rewarded: all the places that house their works offer the possibility of filling out a passport with three stamps when consuming a third of Mahou. All participants will raffle a voucher for 1,000 euros to spend in neighborhood stores that belong to Vive Malasaña, the association of merchants in the area.

These are the points in which the artists will intervene on Saturday, September 18 in the Mahou Contest:

A great facility in Condeduque: We are connections

Within the festival’s programming and also in collaboration with Condeduque, the artist Sara Escribano (Bananocream) will culminate on Sunday a spectacular installation in the south patio of the cultural center, called We are connections, with which he invites us to reflect on human relationships and to complete the work while we walk under its reflections and become part of it.

With the sponsorship of the beer brand Mahou and the paintings Pebeo, Pinta Malasaña is organized by Madrid Street Art Project and the newspaper Somos Malasaña, with the support of Vive Malasaña, the neighborhood merchants’ association. The Conde Duque Cultural Center, the Mostenses Market and the Malasaña Hoteliers Association also collaborate.