Friday, December 3

Urgent action called for as mental health sufferers consider or attempt suicide after finances hit during the pandemic

Martin:’People with mental health and debt problems have slipped through the cracks’

Commenting on the research, Martin Lewis, founder and chair of the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute said:

“The pandemic financially split the nation. Many gained-those who had support and lower costs often built up savings. Yet for others, it was catastrophic, and it’s a national tragedy that a disproportionate number of that group are those struggling with their mental health who missed out on the support they need to avoid reaching crisis point.

“We’re only beginning to understand the full impact of the pandemic on our lives. But these shocking findings make it clear that too many people with mental health and debt problems were excluded from help and allowed to slip through the cracks, and the results have been disastrous.

“This is about raising an alarm. Government, health professionals and essential services need to double down on efforts to stop people with mental health problems falling further into financial hardship. Prevention is better, and in the long run cheaper for the nation, than cure .

“I hope the rhetoric about’building back better’ from the pandemic is more than just a soundbite, as there is no time to waste-lives are at stake.”

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