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Urkullu accelerates the de-escalation in Euskadi: it will soften measures in a week and sets a date for the closure of vaccination centers

The Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, has advanced hours before the publication of the official data that the evolution of the pandemic is being very positive in Euskadi and that the incidence rate will already drop from 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days . This “great news” has led the Basque Government to adopt two decisions. On the one hand, the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, will accelerate the de-escalation calendar and has already called a meeting of the health emergency crisis table, the body known as Labi, to review the measures currently in force downwards. And, on the other hand, a date has already been set for the already known announcement of the closure of the great Basque vaccinations. It will be on September 30 and it would coincide with the moment when 90% of the vaccinable population is reached with the complete regimen.

COVID-19 leaves another 30 deaths in a Basque Country in which the fatality rate has been 0% in 65 of the 251 municipalities

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The new calendar contradicts the messages that the Government and its spokesmen had been launching in recent days. This Wednesday, in Parliament, the coordinator of the Labi technical advisers, Jonan Fernández, who is one of Urkullu’s closest advisers, assured that it was prudent to give “fifteen days” to the downward evolution of COVID-19 for ” consolidate “the figures before making decisions. This decision comes after the climate that the Basque Country maintained the most severe restrictions in the environment began to consolidate in public opinion, such as having the nightlife closed for more than a year or limiting the public in sports stadiums to 30% when the maximum in the rest of Spain is 60%.

It is also true that, except for Extremadura (and Ceuta and Melilla), the Basque Country continues to have the highest rate of infections and that there are ten autonomies that carry out more tests per inhabitant, according to the report from the Ministry of Health this Thursday. The meeting of the crisis table will be precisely 24 hours after the general policy plenary session that opens the parliamentary year. There, the Lehendakari will be able to advance the master lines of a new stage with fewer restrictions that his Minister of Health has already defined as “illusion” and in which Urkullu will also emphasize the return to “economic normality.” Without details, it has already been advanced that the adjustments will affect capacity, schedules and activities that are now unauthorized.

As for the vaccine fields, the measure was already known. Counselor Sagardui advanced it last week, only now she has set a date. On Radio Euskadi he wanted to reassure the population because “they will not stop vaccinating” those who need it. In fact, it has already been announced that appointments for the third dose have been activated for 4,500 immunosuppressed people. Large enclosures will move to smaller ones or even health centers. This movement will have to go hand in hand with the start, shortly, of the annual vaccination campaign against seasonal flu.

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As an “important” notice, the Basque Health Service reminds that “in the event that the appointment for the first dose is taken before September 30, the change of location will only affect the second dose.” “The high performance points have involved a very important organizational and logistical effort, which has made it possible to achieve high vaccination rates,” said Sagardui, who said that 84% of the target population has already completed the process. “Now,” he added, “the number of people missing to vaccinate has dropped considerably, so effective management of resources requires adapting to the new situation and reorganizing the vaccine administration points.”

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