Friday, June 9

Urkullu apologizes for the words of counselor Azpiazu about the supposed little economic effect of ETA

The lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has apologized on behalf of the Basque Government as a whole and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Azpiazu, after in a conference offered this Friday the veteran PNV politician stated that ETA’s terrorism “was a human drama” but that had such an economic impact. “I don’t think there is any doubt about the commitment of the Basque Government and the ‘sailburu’ Pedro Azpiazu in his support for Basque businessmen and women. […] In any case, the ‘sailburu’ Pedro Azpiazu and the Basque Government want to apologize to those people to whom this misinterpretation may have caused pain”, Urkullu wrote on his social networks after some criticism, such as that of the delegate of the Government of Spain in Euskadi, the socialist Denis Itxaso.

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“All of us, and especially Pedro Azpiazu, are fully aware of the incidence of terrorism carried out by ETA in Basque society and in its own environment. He is a member of a party and a government that has always condemned all means of expression of terrorism, as well as has expressed its commitment in recognition of the suffering suffered by businessmen and women, senior managers and executives, as well as socioeconomic professionals. It is sad that the impossibility of quantifying the economic incidence wants to be confused with the fact that it is possible and verified in the human and social incidence, as was the intention in the exposed conference”, explained the lehendakari, who sent this reflection this Saturday at noon, something very unusual.

And Urkullu adds: “What Minister Azpiazu wanted to point out in his response yesterday is that, despite ETA, the Basque Country has been able to get ahead from the socioeconomic point of view. The destruction and suffering caused by ETA’s terrorism did not break the determination of institutions, companies and society. The data and the current reality corroborate it. Saying this does not mean minimizing terrorism, but valuing the capacity and strength of our society against ETA and, therefore, of all the people who have contributed with their commitment and effort to the economic and social development of Euskadi”.