Tuesday, September 28

Urkullu calls Sortu’s defense of the ‘ongi etorri’ “repulsive”

“Disgusting attitudes”. This is how Iñigo Urkullu has described the statements made by Sortu about the reception of express workers from ETA. “This Tuesday we have received a serious accusation who we have criticized, not now but always, the ‘ongi etorri’ for reinforcing ‘the enemies of peace’. We have heard public statements affirming that not a step back,” said the Lehendakari in a statement posted on their social networks. It refers to the departure of the ETA express Agustín Almaraz from the Basauri prison and the subsequent celebration in the streets of Santutxu this week. In a video published by Sortu this Tuesday, dozens of people are seen walking the streets of the Bilbao neighborhood with flags of ‘presoak etxera’, drums, ‘txistus’ and music.

Covite criticizes the “parade” through Bilbao to the ETA express Agustín Almaraz and accuses Sortu of “wanting to provoke”

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After the video was published on the party’s Twitter account, the Collective of Victims of Terrorism in Euskadi (Covite) and its president, Consuelo Ordóñez, denounced the act and described it as a “parade.” Faced with the criticism, Sortu responded with a statement in which he accused those who oppose the receptions of wanting to impose a “story of winners and losers.” This Friday, Iñigo Urkullu has joined the condemnation and has reiterated that it is necessary to dialogue, but in order to “demand an assessment”, which he considers still “pending”, and “an acknowledgment of the unjust damage caused.” Along these lines, he recalled that “the will expressed in the majority in the Basque Parliament” regarding the ‘ongi etorri’ must be fulfilled.

“We must share an ethical basis that forever banishes these attitudes that violate efforts for integral coexistence”, the Lehendakari remarked, adding that “the fundamental thing” for this is “to build a society from the firm base of principles and shared values”. With these statements, Urkullu has criticized both the defense of the receptions and the incidents with the Ertzaintza as a result of the ‘no parties’ in Bilbao.

Altercados against the Ertzaintza

On the eve of the last weekend of the ‘no Aste Nagusia’ in Bilbao, the Ertzaintza has detained four people in the town early this Friday for an “alleged crime of attack on agents of the authority,” as reported the Department of Security. The events occurred at three thirty in the morning, during the surveillance and control tour of the police force through various streets in the Bilbao La Vieja neighborhood.

Already in the vicinity of the neighborhood, several agents of one of the patrols approached to identify a group of people who “throughout the night had been seen together in different places in the area” and had been requested that they were dissolved on more than one occasion, since “they were not respecting the measures.” The group “had ignored” the requirements of the ertzainas, who approached to identify them. At that time, several of the people gathered “have attacked the agents,” whom they have insulted and surrounded, and “the support of more police resources has been necessary.”

The Lehendakari condemned what happened “without nuances” and pointed out that “there is no room for words or concepts that offend common sense and the dignity of the majority of Basque society.” At the moment, four men between 23 and 29 years old have been arrested, accused of an alleged crime of attacking law enforcement officials and one of them for an alleged crime of serious disobedience. In the next few hours they will be brought to justice.

Last week, as a result of similar altercations produced in the ‘non-parties’ of Donostia, where several establishments in the center woke up with the windows of their windows broken, the City Council of the Gipuzkoan capital drew up an institutional statement rejecting and condemning the incidents . All municipal groups (PNV, PSE, Elkarrekin Donostia and PP) joined in signing the declaration, with the exception of EH Bildu, who proposed an alternative declaration. In it, they presented “their most energetic rejection of acts of vandalism” and made an appeal “to all citizens” so that “the common good prevails over individual attitudes.” For his part, the Lehendakari has considered EH Bildu’s refusal to sign the institutional declaration as “an uncheck” that “distracts from the true cause and responsibility.”