Friday, August 12

US accuses Huawei antennas of stealing missile information | Digital Trends Spanish

The United States government is very concerned because it is convinced that several antennas equipped with technology huaweiThey could be stealing military information, including the silos where American missiles are stored.

An investigation published in Reuters indicates that “authorities are concerned Huawei (HWT. UL) could obtain sensitive data on military exercises and the readiness status of bases and personnel through the equipment,” said one of the people, who requested anonymity because the investigation it is confidential and involves national security.”

The Commerce Department said it could not “confirm or deny the ongoing investigations.” He added that: “Protecting the security of the American people against malicious information gathering is vital to protecting our economy and national security.”

The Chinese embassy in Washington did not respond to the specific allegations. In an emailed statement, he said: “The US government abuses the concept of national security and state power to go to great lengths to suppress Huawei and other Chinese telecommunications companies without providing any solid evidence that they pose a threat. for the security of the United States and other countries.

Reuters was unable to determine whether the Huawei team is capable of collecting such sensitive information and providing it to China.

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