Monday, October 18

US agrees to release Meng Wanzhou, Huawei CFO



A court in Brooklyn (New York) on Friday gave the go-ahead to the agreement reached between the US authorities and the CFO of the telecommunications giant Huawei, to “postpone” until the end of 2022 the proceedings against him for “bank fraud.”

A judge at the Brooklyn Federal Court “accepted” the agreement reached between the US Department of Justice and the lawyers of Meng Wenzhou, the chief financial officer and daughter of the founder of the Chinese telecommunications giant, who had been detained. almost three years in house arrest in Canada, pending his extradition to the United States to be tried for “bank fraud.”

Following this agreement, the Huawei executive will be able to return to china.

Meng appeared by video from Canada and answered questions from the Brooklyn Federal Court judge in Chinese.

A representative of the US Department of Justice proposed to the court to “postpone” until December 1, 2022, the judicial proceedings launched at the end of 2018 against the CFO, in particular for “conspiracy” with a view to perpetrating a “Bank fraud”.

If this agreement is not challenged or broken before December 1, the proceedings will be abandoned, according to the representative of the US Department of Justice.

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