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US Army develops vaccine against COVID-19 and omicron | Digital Trends Spanish

In addition to Pfizer, Moderna and Sinopharm, there are other organizations developing future vaccines to deal with the pandemic. And one of them is not exactly one from the biotechnology area, but from the military area: specifically, the United States Army is working on a vaccine against the coronavirus.

The vaccine has been developed for two years at the Walter Reed Army Research Institute and according to the site report Defense one, the first tests in humans concluded recently. Previously, tests were done on animals and the results have been positive.

This vaccine has some differences with the rest of existing vaccines, thanks to the fact that it uses a protein whose structure would allow it to attack several variants of COVID-19 at the same time. At the same time, the testing process has been slower than expected because to test it in humans, candidates who are not vaccinated or who have not been infected are needed, something that today is increasingly difficult.

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The researchers from the Walter Reed Institute also assure that the work on the vaccine has some advantages because – unlike the rest of the companies that developed vaccines – they did not have the need to focus on the urgency of the pandemic. This allowed them to project development to a longer term and thus be able to understand the virus, in addition to anticipating the inevitable mutations that came over time.

Kayvon Modjarrad, one of the leading doctors in the research, assured that the omicron variant is a reminder that there is no way to escape the coronavirus and that sooner rather than later, everyone will be either vaccinated against the disease or it will already have been infected. And to face the more than possible future variants, this army vaccine could prove very useful.

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