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US authorities will search Alec Baldwin’s cell phone | Digital Trends Spanish

The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant to search actor Alec Baldwin’s cell phone. The measure will allow progress in the investigation into the tragic accident on the set of the film Rust, that last October he cost the life of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and that he also injured the director of the film Joel Souza.

As reported Variety, In an affidavit attached to the warrant, Detective Alexandria Hancock said investigators are seeking evidence to complete the investigation. Hancock said he had asked Baldwin and his attorney to voluntarily hand over the phone, but they requested that he obtain a court order.

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The order makes it possible to search the actor’s cell phone for all the information and phone data related to the production of Rust and with any member who worked on it. This information can include text messages, photos, videos, call history, contacts, and even location data.

Investigators are reconstructing the facts about what happened that October 21. Detective Hancock explains that during a brief search on the deceased’s phone, conversations about the production were found dating back to July 14.

Although charges against anyone, including Alec Baldwin himself, have not yet been ruled out, the thesis that is handled today is that it was an accident caused by a firearm that was fired while it was believed to be completely unloaded.

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