Sunday, January 16

US Congress Passes Funding Bill to Avoid Administration Lockdown

The House of Representatives and the United States Senate They approved this Thursday a bill to extend funding to the Administration until February 18, although the vote has been surrounded by uncertainty due to the possible refusal of the Republican Party in the upper house.

The US government had until midnight this Friday to carry out a vote that would allow it to extend the financial funds.

The vote has been in the air for days before the position of senators of the Republican Party opposed to supporting it if the mandatory vaccination regulations launched by the President of the United States were not withdrawn or modified, Joe Biden.

While in the House of Representatives has approved the proposal with 221 votes in favor and another 212 against, in the Senate the unanimity of the room was required to approve the plan by fast track before Friday, the chain collects CNN.

Finally, Democrats and Republicans have agreed to vote on the provisional bill, as well as a Republican amendment to prohibit the use of federal funds for mandatory measures of the COVID-19 vaccine, which has ultimately failed.

The controversial law launched by Biden – strongly criticized by sectors of the Republican caucus – requires employers of 100 or more workers to make sure that they are vaccinated with the full guideline against COVID-19 or to have tests and wear a mask.

The Republican Senator for the state of Utah Mike Lee, one of those who opposed approving the Administration’s financing until the mandate on vaccines was lifted, has cataloged this measure as “immoral and unconstitutional.”

However, there is a Republican sector that does not share that party members may be responsible for blocking the Administration’s capacities. “We have strongly suggested to them that this is not the right direction,” Republican Senator from South Dakota Mike Rounds told CNN.

For her part, the White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, had cataloged the approval of the bill in the House of Representatives as “good news” and had already transferred his confidence that the Administration would finally be provided with funding.

“We believe there is time for legislators to put aside reckless and irresponsible political games and enact the continuing short-term resolution that would fund the Government until early next year and allow time for a year-round budget agreement, which obviously is our general objective, “said Psaki at a press conference.

Thus, from the White House They considered that they still had time to approve the financing to the Government and avoid a blockade. “Our objective is, of course, to avoid the closure of the Government (…) But that depends on Congress,” said Psaki in response to the fear that Biden might have in case the project did not prosper in the Senate.

President Biden has already faced episodes of tension throughout this year such as the one this Thursday due to the possibility that Congress did not provide him with funding to undertake the policies of his Administration.

In fact, at the end of September, he signed a bill that extended until this Friday the financing to keep the Government offices operational, avoiding the administrative closure of non-essential services.