Tuesday, March 28

US: Hospitals want traveling nurses to earn less | Digital Trends Spanish

According to a Article From the Wall Street Journal, the US hospital industry is pressuring the White House to cut healthcare workers’ salaries, after many traveling nurses have seen their pay rise during the pandemic.

It should be remembered that this type of professional, also known as itinerant staff, is used to temporarily supplement the staff that exists on the premises.

According to the media, traveling nurses have had an increase in their salaries, which has gone from about $1,709 dollars in December 2019 to $3,290 dollars in December 2021.

Hospitals point out that salaries have increased due to the arrival of money from COVID-19 relief funds.

According to the article, almost 200 of the 435 members of the United States House of Representatives work to reduce the salary of nurses.

The outlet also claims that personnel companies are using the health crisis to charge more.

“Trade groups the American Hospital Association, the American Health Care Association, and the National Center for Assisted Living recently wrote to the White House that staffing companies are taking advantage of the pandemic by charging exorbitant prices.”

Throughout the two years that the coronavirus pandemic has lasted, nurses have had to bear a demanding workload and have had to face the most dramatic face of the disease.

A survey carried out by the American Association of Intensive Care Nurses late last year showed that 66 percent planned to leave the health sector due to their bad experiences in the pandemic.

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