Sunday, November 28

US House passes Biden’s 1.75 trillion social spending package



A majority of the House of Representatives of the United States has voted this Friday in favor of the social spending package of 1.75 trillion dollars promoted by the president Joe Biden.

Now we need to receive the approval of the Senate, something that the Democrats have more difficult to achieve, given the meager advantage they enjoy in the Upper House (they have 50 seats, like the Republicans, plus the tiebreaker vote of the vice president, Kamala Harris).

This is one of Biden’s star initiatives, although it has had to lower its initial claims and cut the originally planned expenditure of 3.5 million in half.

The Republican opposition in the Lower House managed to prevent the bill from being voted on Thursday, thanks to a marathon speech of more than eight hours by Deputy Kevin McCarthy, from California, which lasted until after 5 a.m. local.

It thus surpassed an intervention by Nancy Pelosi in 2018, so far the longest in the recent history of the House of Representatives. Much longer others have been registered in the Senate, by exercising a tactic known as ‘filibuster’ to block voting.

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