Saturday, May 21

US intelligence acknowledges no explanation for 144 flying objects

US espionage acknowledged on Friday that it cannot explain what exactly 144 flying objects are seen mostly by military pilots, but considered that there is no evidence linking them to extraterrestrial life forms. Those are the conclusions of an expected report that the office of the National Director of Intelligence (DNI, in English) sent this Friday to Congress.

The document acknowledges that there is no “single explanation” for these incidents and offers several possible hypotheses, including birds, atmospheric phenomena, and secret military programs by Washington and its adversaries, although it also left the door open to “other” possibilities.

“There are probably several types of unidentified objects that require different explanations based on their various appearances,” says the report. The report examines unidentified flying objects that were sighted between 2004 and 2021 mostly by Navy pilots.

Of the 144 reported flying objects, only one could be identified: “a large balloon that was deflating,” according to the report. Meanwhile, 18 objects showed unusual movements or flight characteristics that puzzled US intelligence services.

Other such incidents could be the result of tests with experimental technology from other powers, such as China or Russia. Curiosity about these phenomena increased with the publication last year of videos of Navy pilots showing encounters in flight with these unidentified objects.

In addition, recently, former President Barack Obama acknowledged that there is still much to know about these objects in a high-profile statement to a CBS television program. “What is true, and I’m actually serious here,” Obama said, “is that there are images and records of objects in the sky that we don’t know exactly what they are.”

The US authorities have kept these incidents secret for decades, fueling a host of theories; But last year Congress ordered the executive branch to inform the public about these mysterious incidents.